The house told me…

Been thinking about the processes that have veered me in a different design and feel for my home. In my previous blogpost, which included Cameron Diaz’s gorgeous green and gold kitchen, I also talked a little about how, in the last few months, I’ve started preferring the rich greens and blues over my over-blogged love of yellow and white.

Now it’s all blues and greens with golds. As in the peacock feather.

blue green and gold peacock feathers

I still very much love the bright whites and bold, sunny yellows; but something has shifted in me.

The rich hues of green I now see for this house is from my childhood. As a teenager, I loved gazing down onto our backyard from my bedroom upstairs, right after afternoon storms. In Malaysia, this happens regularly, almost all year round. When the clang of the thunder ceased and the bucketing rain lifted, the air would be cooler, the colours crisper and the smell of rain lingered for an hour after. This was my favourite time of day. I remember the verdant green tones of the tropical grass.

The same verdant green as the green of the peacock feathers:

Blue and green peacock

Years later, in 2008 and a myriad of experiences–ups and downs–we bought our first house in Melbourne. I knew the pale apricot of the entire house had to go. The first step was to paint the cathedral height living room brilliant white; all 27 walls/angles/facets. Though, after enjoying in this bright white living room (my mother found it necessary to wear her sunglasses INSIDE our living room!) for about 3 months, I badly wanted to paint one stretch of wall a rich green. While I obsessed about yellow at the same time, the chosen Mimosa yellow was designated for another room. Then circumstances changed and we moved interstate without further painting. (Sept 2014: Actually, we’ve just sold that house.)

Now, in 2014, after two months of strangling working with bankers, real estate agents and mortgage brokers, we’ve finally bought this house we’ve been renting. Settlement date is still a month away, but this is as good as ours…

Every home has a pulse.
If you live in it awhile, it tells you what it wants to be.
Robert Kime.

The good thing about having rented this house for over a year is that I’ve been given the chance of allowing our things to sit and settle, before deciding on colour palettes and design choices.

And because we’ve been given that little awhile, I know that the main rooms in this house, my new-to-me home, is not for the brilliant yellows. Whilst we still plan to paint every wall brilliant white, I’ve discovered that the amount (or lack thereof) of natural light, the way the house is situated and built needed me to go in a different direction than my beloved yellow and white.

This house is telling me to go rich. To go bold. And I’m listening.

22 September 2014



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