The Dang Problem with Milk Paint

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Sep 3 2007
Powerful, safe and awesome paint stripper Citristrip®


I have found out that nothing is worse than trying to strip milk paint off furniture. Tried stripping off a piece of furniture covered in milk paint using a sander. I ended up nearly dying from being gagged by the powdery residue of milk paint, despite wearing a dust mask.


After Googling, I found out that milk paint does not respond to most strippers. Only special milk paint removers work on bloody milk paint and both products so far are only available in US. Dammit.


Yes I’m frustrated.

I got the milk paint off!

I got some Citristrip®, a citrus based stripper, which is quite dear. It’s a thick gel that would mean the paint would be coated in gel so the paint comes off in dirty, wet, gel strips with a stripping palette.

Turns out CitriStrip® was great! Just needs to be slathered on thick and left a while longer. Involves a lot more elbow grease than normal paint… but at least I didn’t spent all that $$ for nothing. The piece of furniture was got for nothing! More on that later!

I am now a fan of CitriStrip®

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