The Bowler Hat

Colin and Justin about ready to tackle housework at their Glasgow home, via The Star newspaper

For me, the bowler hat made an appearance in my consciousness from one of my favourite movies, The Thomas Crown Affair, back in 1999. It was, of course, the Belgian painter René Magritte‘s 1964 surrealist The Son of Man.

Rene Magritte's Son of Man,  1964

Rene Magritte’s Son of Man, 1964

It remained a mere spot on my tabula rasa, until I’d seen it used in an entirely unexpected way nearly 3-4 years ago. A row of bowler hats march jauntily up Colin and Justin‘s staircase in their home in Glasgow. They line a perfect curved all-white stairway. I wasn’t able to find the original photo I’d seen, but found a photo with a duo taken at the bottom of the staircase that’ll have to do:

The foyer in Colin and Justin's Glasgow home

The foyer in Colin and Justin’s Glasgow home

I remember thinking, what a great idea. What an interesting wall decor.

But lately, I’ve been thinking, they’d make fantastic wall hooks! (And I’ve been looking for wall hooks that are a little more than ordinary.)

1. The rounded area is already great for other hats to hall on
2. Scarves get draped over, less pointy marks made by hooks; furthermore the suede finish on them helps to prevent slippage of light and floaty scarves
3. Sunglasses can be perched/pushed onto them
4. Jackets to drape around without causing the pointed bit like you’d get on normal hooks.

Not easy to find!

Still looking… but since we’re on the topic of bowler hats, they’d look awesome elsewhere in the home!

Pendant lights

Table and floor lamps

Wall lights

Ice bucket

This beautiful polished aluminium bowler hat becomes a gorgeous ice bucket when turned upside down:

Aluminium bowler hat via Popsugar

Aluminium bowler hat via Popsugar

When flipped:

Aluminium bowler hat ice bucket via Stuff

Aluminium bowler hat ice bucket via Stuff


Bowler hat  colander via Firebox

Bowler hat colander via Firebox

If you can think of other uses, I’d like to know :) Drop me a line :)

1 February 2016



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