My own pot of rooibos tea, a breath was needed.

It’s been a mighty long week. Hannah and I have been stuck at home in this 36˚c (96˚F) heat for 3-4 days now. Our car is at the mechanics…

I don’t respond well to heat. At all.

We’re preparing for an interstate move… to live in a house not ours, to uproot… again…

It’s been a long week.

But I do thank God, it’s now Friday.

And NOW I get to enjoy a quiet pot of caramel rooibos tea.

My own pot of rooibos tea, a breath was needed.

My own pot of rooibos tea, a breath was needed.

Yes, Hannah also insisted on having her own little tea-time. So I opened my precious Ikea mini teaset for her

I hope you have a great weekend and week ahead.

18 November 2009
22 November 2009



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    20 November 2009

    What´s up?Hi…my name is Cecilia, I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.You must know that my english is very poor!Mmmmmmm…..I love your blog!! I read it every week and I take ideas for my home´stuffs!! I understand much better reading something, that writing it, I swear. Your blog is very original and inspirator for me, and I apreciate all the work and love that you put on it. Oh, I don´t know if you understand me!! jajajaI just want to let you know that crossing the world there´s someone who respects and admire your hard work and contributions.My best wishes for you and your beatifull family. I hope we can email-us more often. Bye!!!

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    20 November 2009

    Hi Cecilia! So good to hear from you! I love that you wrote despite what you think of your English! It's good, by the way!!Thanks for your kind words and for letting me know I have a reader in Argentina!! I am glad my little blog inspires you… please leave a comment now and then, would love to get to know you more through my posts!


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