Target Australia now and my new platter

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Oct 9 2007
My Target® pink platter

I finally had the headspace (husband was with bubs in another corner of the store) and time to peruse the latest offerings by Target, Australia. I must say, I’m impressed. Even two years back, the designs were lacklustre and cheap-looking. Today, dinnerware, bedding, homewares are looking stylish, chic and designer. (Except the children’s furniture department, which still LOOKS cheap and un-imaginative.)

Husband and I love silverware that is nicely weighted. I.e., needs to weigh like non-plastic-cheap-ass-stuff. We loved the latest range of Target dinnerware. If it weren’t for priorities I would have walked away with a hell of alot more stuff.

A couple of years back, the photo frames from Target were nasty. Now they are so swish! Wanted a few of them too.

Cushion designs are looking up. Now they’re using designer fabric rather than cheap silk-wannabes and a few beads. Bedding is also going designer.

My Target® pink platter

My Target® pink platter

I picked up two items for the master bedroom in an attempt to add some modern pizazz to the room. (Btw, the pink bedspread is going home to the in laws soon!!!) I like what I got.

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