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Jul 24 2014
Cole & Son's Fornasetti Chiavi Segrete Wallpaper in green

Mere days before we find out if the pieces in the master bedroom will have already found their kinda-forever home. Because we’ve been renting in the same house for over a year, I’ve had plenty of time to plan, dream and hope. It’s also a long time to be frustrated with the existing wall and lighting choices!!

I was excited to read about Nicole revealing her colours and wallpaper choices for her dining room and entryway yesterday. I cannot keep some of my plans under wraps. Allow me to gab on about it for a wee bit please. (Of course, this could all go to pot if we don’t get the house.)

This is the layout of our rented home:

My home plan 2014 @bijoukaleidoscope

See? It’s a long house, all basically on the one level. I’m not a fan of multi-storied houses, so this suits me perfectly (why we chose to rent it!). As you walk into the main part of the house, standing at the pink star, you can pretty much see right into our master bedroom. I’d like that facing wall to have a strong colour or wallpaper. And I’ve chosen a rich green colourway for the master bedroom (see green line in the plan) and a deep blue/navy colourway for the living room (see blue line). I’ve also chosen orange and yellow wallpapers for the girls rooms, but more on that in a later post.

I was super-pleasantly surprised when Nic’s colourways were along the same lines as my plan for my master bedroom. I’d been envisioning something green, something floral, and something without a super-busy-repeat for that wall. It was her posting of the Fornasetti’s Chiavi Segrete wallpaper by Cole & Son in the green colourway that grabbed me.

(I love how the copper and gold accessories highlight the gold keys hidden amongst the rich lush leaves.)

I got all excited (small things) because they were the same colourways I was mulling over for this place!

These are the other strong green wallpaper contenders:

Martinique's banana leaf wallpaper as in the Beverly Hills Hotel

Martinique‘s banana leaf wallpaper as in the Beverly Hills Hotel

This was a strong contender, but the Husband isn’t fond of *just* banana leaves. I, too, wasn’t all that fond of it. I was more envisioning a wallpaper like this tablecloth I posted about a while ago:

A Martha Angus place setting arrangement, via Rex and Regina

A Martha Angus arrangement, via Rex and Regina

Martha Angus used remnants of the beautiful, unattainable de Gournay wallpapers. Speaking of de Gournay, of course, the greens feature in my wish list:

A <a href=

Massucco Warner Miller dining room, covered in lustable de Gournay.” class /> A Massucco Warner Miller dining room, covered in lustable de Gournay.

de Gournay has so much beautiful ones in green colourways, but since that is super-beyond my reach, I move on. (I could hire a painter to paint out our room, of course!)

<a href=

Peonies in Mint by Hygge & West.” class /> Peonies in Mint by Hygge & West.

Another strong contender is the gloriously emerald green Malachite Fornasetti wallpaper by Cole & Son:

I haven’t really been a 100% sold on any wallpaper though. I think it’s because it’s not “large” enough. Not “wow” enough. Then I spotted two large scale wallpapers that were instant “must haves”:

One must have:

Custom wallpaper for <a href=

Oly Studio, New York.” class /> Custom wallpaper for Oly Studio, New York.

This large scale wallpaper is sooo divine. Upon contacting them, I found out that Oly Studio had commissioned it as a one off custom job.

There was one problem with this that my ever-practical husband spotted. With the image above, it frames the bed. So if you decide to move the orientation of furniture around, or switch things out, it might not work with the placements of large flowers/birds.

The V&A Museum via Surface View also do some similar large mural/panels. Check out their gorgeous pieces. I have my eye on the two beautiful green ones. mmmm

You can now install anything you’d like on your walls. A favourite photo, a black and white, an art print—from JW Walls or Australian Pick a Wall.

The next must have:

Dark Floral by <a href=

Ellie Cashman Design” class /> Dark Floral by Ellie Cashman Design

I have fallen in love with the entire range of wallpapers by Ellie Cashman Design. Another one of hers is my #1 choice for living room. Speaking of which, Nic revealed that she was going teal in her entryway just yesterday. With this for her wallpaper option:

Great minds! Onto next post about blue wallpapers for the living room :) Stay tuned!

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