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Robin from reZenerate your space (thanks!) tagged me… the deal is to let others in one 7 facts about yourself (as if I need to tell people how more kooky I am!) and then tag 7 others. Ok here goes…

1. Whenever we move, or go away for a break, I HATE packing. However, when we get back from the trip etc, I have an uncontrollable need to unpack straightaway whatever time it may be. (Luckily I married a man who hates unpacking but does a wonderful job at packing.)

2. I am addicted to cream. (Not the Mr Whippy, Cool Whip kind.) The REAL from-the-cow type.

3. I talk to myself in the car when I’m alone or just with Hannah. She falls asleep.

4. Some others count sheep to sleep… I think of room layouts. (I fall asleep.)

5. I do enjoy cooking but don’t like anyone around to slow me down help me cook. I don’t like to have to chat to anyone while cooking, just want to be in the zone. I can cook up a storm and wash up at the same time and have a … rhythm going and hate disturbances. (That means, I also have to clean up the tupperware collection from the floor after Hannah’s been at them…)

6. I love bags (and furniture).

7. I don’t like Indian. (food, that is!)

I tag… Aggie, Suelyn, Pink at Pink Mohair, Julie at AnotherShadeofGrey, Kim at DesiretoInspire, Jo at DesiretoInspire and holly from holly’s plate.

15 June 2007


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    Robin Van lent

    29 June 2007

    hey, thanks for participating..I’m always singing in the car, when my daughter is there with me she has the time of her life.. (she doesn’t know yet that I can’t sing at all..)


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