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Jun 25 2007

Robin from reZenerate your space (thanks!) tagged me… the deal is to let others in one 7 facts about yourself (as if I need to tell people how more kooky I am!) and then tag 7 others. Ok here goes…

1. Whenever we move, or go away for a break, I HATE packing. However, when we get back from the trip etc, I have an uncontrollable need to unpack straightaway whatever time it may be. (Luckily I married a man who hates unpacking but does a wonderful job at packing.)

2. I am addicted to cream. (Not the Mr Whippy, Cool Whip kind.) The REAL from-the-cow type.

3. I talk to myself in the car when I’m alone or just with Hannah. She falls asleep.

4. Some others count sheep to sleep… I think of room layouts. (I fall asleep.)

5. I do enjoy cooking but don’t like anyone around to slow me down help me cook. I don’t like to have to chat to anyone while cooking, just want to be in the zone. I can cook up a storm and wash up at the same time and have a … rhythm going and hate disturbances. (That means, I also have to clean up the tupperware collection from the floor after Hannah’s been at them…)

6. I love bags (and furniture).

7. I don’t like Indian. (food, that is!)

I tag… Aggie, Suelyn, Pink at Pink Mohair, Julie at AnotherShadeofGrey, Kim at DesiretoInspire, Jo at DesiretoInspire and holly from holly’s plate.

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