not dealing well with the heat at all. was 42° yesterday. went home (1½ hour’s ride each way) in a train with NO air conditioning. the train’s made of steel. steel heats up. steel is a good heat conductor. steel gets hot very quickly. steel is YUCKY!!!!!

today it’s 39°.

not dealing well with the heat at all.

to add to that, i got the flu.

and still working.

gotta work.

gotta keep the pennies flowing in.

bah. andrew i want to go to UK where the hottest summer is 25°. where when it reaches 26°, the newspapers and media cry “heatwave”.

let’s go then!

too hot. not dealing well.

29 November 2004
2 February 2005



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    30 November 2004

    Sure, their summers might not go above 25º, but who wants to put up with all those bloody poms?On a serious note, the summers might be nice, but the winters…well, anything below 16º IMO is unbearable.-Andrew

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    1 December 2004

    come 2 melb-agung

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    1 December 2004

    shhh dave! andrew might hear you!

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    1 December 2004

    “Come to Melbourne……”-Anonymous Voice #2

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    1 December 2004

    Hmm, in UK, you can hardly go to the beach, even in summer. And winter is FREEZING! Today’s temp is 0-6 degC. The walk to the city centre was err cold to say the least. It also gets dark at 3:45pm, and in the morning when you get up, it’s still dark. It’s quiet and cold and dark and has a very limited cuisine range.But it’s pretty. Very pretty :)But ick, 42 is a little extreme.

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    1 December 2004

    sue lyn! SHHHH!!!! i happen to like UK or even get the chance to. shhhhh!!!! i KNOW it’s cold :))) I LOVE that it’s cold!!!! i hate it here that it’s hot.i’m gotten quite sick because it’s been hot and cold here for a week… with the temps flying up and down when i come into work, leave work, go into work, sit at work, go home, train…. very very bad for me. i’m heaps prone to temp changes.

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    2 December 2004

    mmm 5 hours of daylight. Gotta love that vitamin D deficiency….oh, and gotta love Mac OS X’s inbuilt spell checker for ANY program. works wonders with works like deficiency and consanguineous.


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