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Sep 24 2008

Mydeco has a fun style tester that I took tonight. Apparently I am a


You’re the intuitive home-maker, par excellence – in fact, you’ve probably dreamed of having a family home for as long as you can remember. The look is quintessentially feminine: cool, pretty colours; layered patterns and textures; and flawless attention to every little detail. You have a true ‘home’, full of love, laughter and warmth – and often the reassuring aroma of home-baked goodies.

Living Room

You love to indulge the senses, to pamper and prettify… expressed in myriad styles. Nonetheless, there are some constants: curvaceous sofas and generously comfortable upholstery, and an eye that misses nothing… The clean lines and pure proportions of classically inspired accessories — from lamps to picture frames — will lend the room a more sophisticated and urban look, without diluting its essential prettiness. Vibrant, jewel-like colours command attention while eclectic black and white make for a bold, yet chic statement. Curled up on the sofa with a good book, your living room’s the perfect place for some “me-time”.


Your bedroom has a mix’n’match feel. You have a magpie approach to interior design in the bedroom, using vibrant colours to make a bold statement.


You lavish time attention and — most importantly — love on both family and home.

Well. I did make Jamie Oliver’s meringue chocolate and hazelnut dream… course, I didn’t have the right ingredients for anything! So I’ll have to give it a second go another day.

I also apparently have a magpie approach to interior design, which is accurate. (I call it eclectic.)

Take the MyDeco test

Take the test for yourself… and let me know what you come up as!

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