step one: bubba’s room

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Mar 18 2007

1. bubba’s cot gate is broken so turned the other side around so that the broken side faces the wall. planning to replace as soon as i see a cot on eBay i like! might even look to get a toddler bed but she’s too darn active and wriggly!

2. sorted out bubba’s clothes. put away into old Huggies boxes the small clothes. one day when i can be bothered, i’ll divide the boxes into sell and keep piles.

3. reorganised her clothes. i desperately lack room for her clothes. am keeping my eye on a mid-century wall unit on eBay to replace her bookcase, small plastic chest of drawers and very shabby cane holders.

4. cleaned out her change table. planning to sell it on eBay for a song. she is too big for it.

5. washed her bedclothes.

6. reorganised her books according to height. planning to add more, of course.

7. sighing at the lack of storage in our rental. need a place to chuck bulky and unwieldy bits and bobs of bringing up a baby!

8. need to get an comfy armchair as i am feeding her on a beanbag.

9. need to get my electric piano out of her room into another room. at the moment, no space. the kitchen is an option.

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