St Vinnies’ find for my lounge room wall DIY

My silky hot pink robe before

I went on my fortnightly pilgrimage to my fav St Vinnies’ charity shop and found this 100% cotton silky hot pink batik print dressing gown. Only $8.75. (Sorry about the before picture below, I am always so gung ho about getting the project underway and completed that I always forget to take before-shots. The photo below therefore, is after the scissors has had its way.)

My silky hot pink robe before

My silky hot pink robe before

Went to the closing down two-dollar store near me and picked up a canvas block for $4.50.

Stapled and stapled and here we have another addition to the walls!

Where my hot pink robe went after snipping

Where my hot pink robe went after snipping

Yet to hang… haven’t decided on positioning… and need to get me more of those 3M velcro picture hooks.

16 November 2007



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    16 November 2007

    Ooo… that’s really pretty!

  2. Reply


    16 November 2007

    thanks j :)

  3. Reply


    16 November 2007

    Love it! You should turn the sleeves into pillows. Salvos are my favs!!

  4. Reply


    16 November 2007

    great idea jo!hmm! i wish i had the person working for me like anna does with her B&S pillows!

  5. Reply

    Another Shade of Grey

    16 November 2007

    Very nicely done.

  6. Reply


    17 November 2007

    WOW – what gorgeous fabric! That turned out amazing! I agree about making pillows. Do I ever have a smart blog partner!

  7. Reply


    18 November 2007

    Beautiful fabric!!

  8. Reply


    20 November 2007

    Very pretty! DIY is the best art! ;)

  9. Reply


    21 November 2007

    Cute! Love it. What a great idea. Also looks great with that pink vase.


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