Silver Selkie, Gold Polar Bear

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Mar 25 2007
Eileen Gatt

In my de-junking and de-cluttering frenzy to get ready for a garage sale, I have gone finally through my treasured magazines to tear out the precious pages I have kept the whole magazine for. I must write about this brilliant designer for whom I kept a 2004 issue of Home & Antiques (UK).

Eileen Gatt

Eileen Gatt creates this extremely surreal line of silverware crafted from a love of sea mammals and Inuit and Irish mythology. Her work is full of polar bears, seals and birds. She crafts them from fine resin and then silver plates them. For stunning accents, she pops a tiny bird or seal in 22k gold on these silverware.

For a cool £180-£300, you can purchase one of her 5-7cm cups. The polar bears below cost £380-450.

Eileen Gatt selkie bear beauties

I would so love the polar bear with the gold bird!

Contact Eileen Gatt here.

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