Sieger Dinnerware

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Feb 27 2007
Opulent Siegel dinnerware

I have fallen in love with the cheery blue, red and white with gold BIRD accents dinnerware by Siegel, the My China! Emperor Rim line.

The dinner plate costs $240 EACH! *sigh*

Opulent Siegel dinnerware

How amazing it would look mixed in with plain gold and white plates and bowls. Maybe on a white gloss table. With a line of gold-glittered animals as centrepiece.

How do you set a table using pieces that are obviously meant to be admired and then cover them with food/soup?? I’d have a dinner party just to sit and admire the Siegel pieces and then eat off paper plates!

Does it bother you using your very expensive dinnerware? What if you had a set for six of the above plates? Would it be only for display? Would you mar its beauty with soup or a beef stew? Would it concern you to have steel forks, knives and spoons clang with it? Maybe serve with plastic utensils?

Me, oh my. I’d be happy using them once a year to have with people who appreciated beauty AND expense. Never around children. Maybe till they turn 25. Or not. Heh.

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