Sid Dickens: Memory Blocks

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May 29 2008
Retired Sid Dickens tiles

The Retired Sid Dickens Tiles

Retired Sid Dickens tiles

Retired Sid Dickens tiles

First Row: The Flower Rosette, The Swallow, The Butterfly, Musique, Sacred Heart Red, Unicorn, Rosette
Second Row: Club, Crown, Lemon, Morning Birds, Versailles Tulip, Wild Rose, Dahlia
Third Row: Embleme, Alabaster Roses, Guardian, Damask, Taj Flowers, Leaf Swirl, Spade.

I love to start/have a collection of Sid Dicken Tiles.

Born Sidney Michael Dickens (1963), Dickens now lives in Vancouver where he first began his masterpieces, The Memory Blocks, a series of 6 by 8-inch decorative wall plaques. Memory Blocks are hand crafted plaster, 6″ x 8″ x 1 1/4″, finished to a porcelain-like quality, cracked to create an aged look and feel.

Every few years, a collection of his tiles are retired. The retired pieces, a few shown above, would of course, fetch more and can only be bought at auctions and specialist dealers. But you can still get his current collection from his website, starting from US$90.

The Active Sid Dickens Tiles

– as of May 2008, of course.

Active Sid Dickens tiles 2008

Active Sid Dickens tiles 2008

First Row: Concord, Epistle, Pentimento, Applique (Silver), Tree of Life (Silver), Perfume
Second Row: Naturlich, Coat of Arms, Tapestry, Storybook, The Clasp, Melody, P&A, Wing


These are tiles from the current collection.

On his website, it is suggested that the best way to display these pieces of art is in a collection, a grouping.

A selection display of Sid Dicken's tiles

A selection display of Sid Dicken’s tiles

I’d agree… I’d like to start with The Clasp.

One piece would look good in a small space, like a column or a wall where there are no furniture. Then you start adding to the collection and when you get to three, then you can display in a triptych fashion – one’s a start, two’s a non collection and three’s an official collection!

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