shopping is hard to do

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Feb 25 2007

we spent hours today looking for great gifts for friends of someone whom we’re staying with soon. man. it’s so hard to buy for people we don’t really know.

  • we want the gifts to mean something
  • we don’t want to get a gift that people get and go “what in the world were they thinking”?
  • we don’t want to get a gift that is once-use, then chuck-out
  • to certain cultures, a red money-envelope is a no-no
  • apparently store gift cards are thoughtless gifts…


books are easy, but what do people like reading? can you *really* pick it?

what inspires them? what would they like to learn?

do we *really* know?

wouldn’t it just be easier asking our friends and family what they’d prefer for a gift? instead of surprise gifts that we don’t really treasure?

what do you guys think?

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