She’s out of my league

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May 30 2011
She's Out of My League

I finally watched 2010 romantic comedy She’s out of my league, starring Jay Baruchel, the beautiful Alice Eve and T.J. Miller.

I quite liked her bachelorette pad, set in Pittsburgh, PA … very chic, simply decorated with shades of taupe. I normally like bright and airy spaces, but at night when these scenes were shot, the dark, moody feel added to the chic-ness of it all.

She's Out of My League

She’s Out of My League

I love the purply-grey walls and darker brown architraves/trims of the apartment, only a move if your room gets plenty of light during the day. (And this apartment is, if the twinkling lights of the night is any indication – of course this is a movie-set illusion…)

The bright pink pops around the apartment makes it feminine… makes the wall darker, more romantic and the pink more… pink! I love orchids too, hey that might make a good indoor plant for my office space! *planning* Right now, I have the ONLY faux floral arrangement in the place. And it fools my flower-crazy-and-green-thumb MIL every single time!

The picture hanging next to the door (which incidentally reminded me instantly of Carrie Bradshaw’s old apartment) has a subtle pink going on, which echoes the pink of the orchids in its foreground. I think it’s a painting of an orchid… but could be one of my favourite flowering trees, the Luculia.

Actually the more I compare images, it does look like Luculia!

The fragrant pink blossom, Luculia Gratissima

The fragrant pink blossom, Luculia Gratissima

If you don’t know its merits, go to a nursery, ask for it and then when it flowers, breathe in its extremely heady (and addictive) perfume! It only flowers in winter (and prefers mountainous areas) … which make it desirable for anyone who loves colour in their garden in winter! I’m trying to grow two from cuttings.

The apartment, She's out of my league

The apartment, She’s out of my league

The apartment is mostly monochromatic, and keeps it sedate… and the flowers offer a beautiful respite from the “masculinity”. The pink candles again add that pop. I think the set designers wanted Alice Eve to be the focal fair maiden of this space. (And they succeed with her white frock and gloriously blond hair!)

The kitchen, She's out of My League

The kitchen, She’s out of My League

The kitchen again is stark with its stainless steel benchtops and splashback and the dark wood cabinetry. Even the Kitchenaid mixer and blender she stands in front of is black. Softened only by Eve and the flowers and fruit.

The living room, She's Out of My League

The living room, She’s Out of My League

The apartment isn’t large, but the expansive flooring makes it feel spacious, whilst the furnishings and wall keep things cosy and intimate. Here you get to see that the apartment is high above, and overlooks some spectacularly beautiful gothic-style churches.

Again the very tall pink flowering spray to the left the pale pink posy on the coffee table. Everything else is kept in very earthy tones, even Baruchel’s clothing. I don’t normally like blinds but in this case, the open blinds frame the large windows… and it becomes a picture in itself.

The lounge, She's Out of My League

The lounge, She’s Out of My League

The only wallpapered wall in this movie. (Notice how every recent movie has beautiful wallpaper??) The floral motif softens the rather masculine colours again. I love it.

Bedroom, She's Out of My League

Bedroom, She’s Out of My League

I really loved the surprise of blush pink in Molly’s bedroom. The wall really brings out her sweetness and femininity. Everything else has hard straight lines and colours. I did like the touch of the lamps against the wooden headboard though. Very chic.

Dog, She's Out of My League

Dog, She’s Out of My League

And I added the above photo because I’ve always liked to see where designers place bedroom furniture around the room. I like that the room extends beyond our purview to reveal a dressing area (and where I assume the bathroom is). It allows the bed to be the focus of the room… and gives the feel of a walk in closet and dressing room. Nice.

All in all, a beautiful room.

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