Self-sorting toolbox

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Jan 4 2011
Toolbox sorter

Isn’t this idea great? Maybe not quite for washers and bolts and nuts, but maybe for nails and picture hooks for us home-makers or sewing bits for knitters.

Toolbox sorter

This is the brainchild of Mr Wulf, who posted this last Jan (2010) on

The top has the parts cut out in the shape for easy sorting and for interest (a large hole would work equally well).

Ingenious holes for specific tools


Drawers labeled for easy removal:

Drawers for easy tool separation

Drawers for easy tool separation

But here’s the smart thing: the shelves are staggered in depth!

Drawer depths for tool separation

Drawer depths for tool separation

Here’s his post and a few tips to creating your own perfect sorting bin!

How cool to have your own one, painted in ubiquitous Gucci orange in gloss and sorts bobby pins and safety pins and other gizmos?? Or coloured pencils, markers, crayons and paintbrushes?

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