Sarah Richardson’s Farmhouse

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse foyer entrance

Of all the interior designers that I love, Sarah Richardson must be my absolute tops. Her demand for brightness, comfort and a sense of well being in her designed spaces exactly match mine. So when I joined her Facebook page, I got to see her farmhouse from the Sarah’s Farmhouse series in Canada. (We don’t get it here on FreeToAir, dammit.)

I loved it. The feel, the colours, the fabrics… all such genius choices by Sarah Richardson and her super-talented sidekick Tommy Smythe. Enjoy some of the shots… and if you’re on Facebook, do become a fan to see the complete collection.

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse

The newly painted blue-grey beams seems to lovingly wrap the red brick. I don’t normally like red brick… I love plaster exterior for brick homes, but in this case, the red brick sits so happily amongst the lovely green of grass and the blue grey beams. The other buildings are painted a calm clay-brown, which seems to give this space a modern edge.

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse foyer entrance

The Foyer Entrance

I am so in love with the reds in this house, starting from the entrance. Reds in the rugs, doors, wallpapers, against all the lovely beige and light tans in the tiles, floorboards, seatings, walls…

How genius to have two built in cupboards, no doubt for coats, jackets, shopping bags, umbrellas and shoes, in the entranceway, hiding all the clutter of life flanking a gorgeous antique chest of drawers. What I love about Sarah and Tommy’s visions for their homes is that they choose the best pieces for looks as well as function. These chest of drawers will hide scarves, gloves and berets.

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse wash closet

The Wash Closet

Opposite this is a lovely powder room. I love the pink delicate wallpaper with the gorgeous round brass – and unexpected – chandelier. Very dramatic and sweet at the same time, perfectly calculated for a small space.

I love that most walls in this house are half coloured, half wallpapered… and the other half left white. This restraint allows for those who can’t afford the expensive wallpaper for a whole room.

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse hallway

The Hallway

Around the corner is the hallway that opens into a beautiful space. The living room.

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse living room

The Living Room

Again, I see Richardson’s demand for comfort in her seating, mostly her own designs. Love the beautiful white-washed ceilings, gorgeous wrought iron chandelier in this room… and the sweet mirrored, star-shaped scones at the top.

Richardson and Smythe must have been joyous at the sight of the gorgeous tin insignia. Fits perfectly in the space above the fireplace. The size is just nice enough and that seems to be enough for the walls… no other major artwork nearby. The pieces, are restraint and thoughtfully chosen… loving the grandfather clock just in that side wall, without any other accessories.

I love the orange ‘flames’ of the candles, scones and chandelier repeated in the warm oranges and rusts of the pillows, accessories… even the whitewashed beams above have a tinge of orange that is so welcoming. Especially right now in Australia, when it is increasingly cold and wintry.

Sarah RIchardson's Farmhouse dining room

The Dining Room

Across a hallway sits a comfortable, warm and simple dining room. Above the picture rail they’ve chosen to wallpaper a warm red provincial print. Simple chandelier, lovely warm Persian rug, antique wooden dining table with cane chairs..

Sarah RIchardson's farmhouse dining room

The Dining Room

and a china cabinet to the left.

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse; dresser in dining room

Dresser in dining room

Love the stuffed pheasants on top of the cabinet! I normally run far away from anything taxidermy-ish. Maybe they’re not real!

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's lemon coloured kitchen

The Kitchen

Past that is a bright and airy kitchen. I love everything about this space, except the small space above the kitchen cabinets. Dust catchers and it’s a spot impossible to clean. Again the warm tones of orange against the cool palettes of white in marble and paint so beautifully match this house. I even love the warm tones of the lightbulbs against the cool blue-grey of the tin shades hanging above the bench.

Cabinetry have clean lines and simple knobs.

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse The Marble Countered Topped Kitchen

The Marble Countered Topped Kitchen

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse The Marble Countered Topped Kitchen

Kitchen Counter Tops

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's staircase to upstairs

Up the Stairs

This whimsical painted staircase would be perfect for little children to recite their 123s. Again, a pale orange. Simple touches.

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's guest bedroom

The Guest Bedroom

One of the main bedrooms has a lovely farmhouse feel. Red and blue with whites in the bedspreads, rugs, cabinetry, chairs…

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's guest bedroom

At the end of guest bed

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's guest bedroom

Dresser in guest bedroom

See the lovely imperfect dresser with some paint intentionally left to highlight the colours chosen and add more texture. Simple curtains… Nothing too serious in this house.

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's bathroom

Bathroom vanity

Bright, beautiful, clean main bathroom. Love the pale yellow tones here… and absolutely giggled at the cute yellow and green duck on the washtand.

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's lemon clawfoot bath

The Lemon Clawfoot Bath

Love how the pale yellow of the curtains match the enamel on the claw foot iron bathtub.

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's shower


Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's bathroom

Sarah Richardson’s farmhouse’s lemon clawfoot bath

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's master bedroom

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is so peaceful with the jewel tones of yellow, oranges, rusts and greens.
Love the little green settee. Perfect for putting on socks and shoes.

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's master bedroom

End of bed in Master Bedroom

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's master bedroom

Dresser in master bedroom

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's master bathroom

Master bath

The children’s bathrooms are so cute with their two marble-topped antique washstand-dressers.

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's master bathroom

Master bathroom

Now this I have to keep in my mind. I have a cupboard just like this one that I will also use in my future bathrooms. Fit towels, soaps, jars, shampoos… Great idea. And I have loved vintage birdcages for so long that when I saw this pic, I gasped!

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's twin bedroom

Twin bedroom

I loved the fabric of the headboard in the girls’ room. Anyone know what fabric this is?
Update (8 Nov 2017: A reader, CEW, informs me that this fabric is Sanderson Imari – (the stock number is DMADiM-203). Although discontinued, some appear on eBay from time to time! Thanks CEW!)

Sarah Richardson's farmhouse's twin bedroom

Twin bedroom

Btw, do peruse her new paint collection with PARA Paints, as if fantastic furniture and homewares weren’t enough of a coup!



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    6 November 2010

    I recently purchased an old farm house, and was surfing the web, looking for inspiring renovating ideas.I came across this entry and, while scrolling through the pictures, stopped at the kitchen and immediately thought,'That space above the cabinets would be a nightmare to keep clean!' Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks about cleanliness and/or practicality. ;-) (On the flip side, those old homes are rarely 'square', and that may have influenced the decision not to go all the way up.)Great collection of images, which will surely get me thinking about what to "incorporate" (to use a nicer term than "steal"). ;-)

  2. Reply


    16 November 2010

    i hope you find the best solution for your farmhouse.i love everything about it… and wish i had one myself. (so bad)

  3. Reply


    18 November 2010

    We need pictures of the hallway. It is as great as the rest of the house. Please!!!!

  4. Reply


    18 November 2010

    We need pictures of the hallway. It is as great as the rest of the house. Please!!!!

  5. Reply


    18 November 2010

    We need pictures of the hallway. It is as great as the rest of the house. Please!!!!

  6. Reply


    19 February 2013

    Hi!I was curious to know the fabric used on the headboard in the girl's room as well. I've done some searching and have come across nothing. Have you had any luck in finding the source?

  7. Reply


    21 February 2013

    Hi EmilyNo I cannot find it. I remember not having luck before and no luck this time! Sorry. Best advice I can give you is to show that pic to a fabric house like Sanderson Linen and ask them if they have anything similar/close… Hope that helps! Sorry wasn't able to find it for you! -audrey

  8. Reply


    5 November 2017

    I realize that this is many years too late, but I too loved the pink fabric in the girls room, and went on a quest for it 7 years ago. I found it- in England- and ordered rather a lot of it. It is called Sanderson Imari – (the stock number is DMADiM-203). It has been discontinued but you can get some of the ivory colorway on eBay still – I have some of that as well.

    • Reply


      8 November 2017

      Thank CEW! Still love the deep pinky red fabric in the girl’s room! I will be updating my post to include that :) Thanks again.


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