Round tables in library and books

I’d love a house with a space dedicated to “the entrance”. The room where you leave your outdoors behind. The room where guests (and yourself) walk in and it’s clearly the landing space, the prep to the rest of the house. Where all shoes are left behind.

With the cost of building and cost of land these days, houses (well, from the 60s onwards) don’t really have the space for entrance halls. But one can dream. (Especially if, like me, you’re not into McMansions.)

Three images inspire this post:

First inspiration image

I posted a beautiful entrance area redecorated by Colin and Justin in 2011, see below.

It features a beautiful pedestal round table painted white in a room wallpapered with blue and white florals and plenty of white woodwork on the walls. The warm, perfectly colour floorboards really ground the room. Despite the perfection, I’d have installed a large sideboard to store keys, stuff, paperwork and all.

I think it’s absolutely essential that this space is not crowded with various pieces of furniture, pattern, decor etc. (Well, in ANY part of the house!)

Second inspiration image

The foyer on Nanny Diaries, via Hooked on Houses

The foyer on Nanny Diaries, via Hooked on Houses

This is the foyer into Mrs X’s swanky New York apartment. I’ve had this image in my head for ever. Since watching the Nanny Diaries, I’ve loved the look of a round table right opposite a front door. Beautiful polished pedestal table in large foyer with polished floor.

The flooring! Oh my heaven! I LOVE these floorings. I grew up with parquet flooring and have always had an affinity with them. For some reason, parquet flooring in Australia have either been covered with carpet or tiled over. So sad.

Again, very few pieces of furniture.

Third inspiration image

Instead of pretty wallpaper, I’ve often thought of lining this imaginary and future foyer space with oak lined bookcases and cabinets. Then I’d fill it with books. This was an epiphany after seeing Diane Keaton‘s Spanish home in Architectural Digest a while ago.

I REALLY like Diane Keaton’s home. It first starts with a library in an unusual space: the foyer.

Diane Keaton's front door, via Architectural Digest

Diane Keaton’s front door, via Architectural Digest

Diane Keaton's foyer cum library, via Hooked on House

Diane Keaton’s foyer cum library, via Hooked on House

Left door: front door.
Right door: rest of one of Diane Keaton‘s Spanish colonial houses.
Inspired: fill the space with books. Make it the library.

Great choice of furniture. Vintage green wooden sofa makes for pulling on boots and shoes a pleasant exercise, rather than hopping about putting on shoes or plonking down on the floor.

So the dream foyer looks like:

A beautiful round table with beautiful woods, like satinwood, rosewood, birch maple… Like a Biedermeier piece planted opposite the front door.

Have a plant on the round table.

Line the area with oak built-in bookcases and cabinets. Some cabinets will be for bags, coats, shoes, balls, frisbees, umbrellas and stuff. All you see are books, a round table and matching flanking seats on either side.

We’re not big on tucking shoes into wardrobes. Just seems incredibly silly to have stinky shoes near your clean clothes. So we have always stored our shoes near the front door. I’ve always found benches very important in foyers/entrance areas as they make very important shoe-wearing and shoe-taking-off perches.

It’s my dream foyer.

Other round tables in other libraries

Circular room with all the right stuff!, via Rush RM

Circular room with all the right stuff!, via Rush RM

via here

It’s fine to dream, is it not?


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    1 May 2014

    well, I do picture an utility entryroom with nooks for shoes umbrellas and so forth, However,
    I feel books should have a separate area, one where you can linger and enjoy browsing possibly with a small reading nook. A utility entry room has too much activity and use to be a linger longer area. It doesn’t have to be big or elaborate, and could even be attached to the afore
    mentioned area or to a regular sitting area where you hang out with guests. just a different point of view.


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