Reading corners

A beautiful reading nook for a little child

A beautiful reading nook for a little child

Alongside the need to get an alphabet poster for Hannah now, it’s also time to set into motion a plan I’ve had from the day she was born…

A Reading Corner!

I blogged about the above reading nook space way back and the image has been seared into my brain… but no corners behind our doors to create a private, magical world for her escapes up the Faraway Tree. And she’s too young to want to read on her own for hours like I remember doing when I was about 7.

So I Flickr-ed for inspiration….

A reading corner of a library, via sewinsight @ Flickr.

A reading corner of a library, via sewinsight @ Flickr.

What joy to surround a child with that many books?

I love such a bright room with white room and shelves. Allows the books to add colour.

Repurposed some crates into bookshelves! What a cool idea.

Or you can go all out and create a special (expensive project) for your precious ones, like what Flickr: frecklesreggie did:

Castle reading nook, via frecklesreggie @ Flickr.

Castle reading nook, via frecklesreggie @ Flickr.

But with a budget of $0.00, I wanted to create a special place for her in our study. Previously her Step 2 table just kinda sat nowhere. After sleeping on the idea for 2 days, working out placements and trying out one other arrangement, I hit on an idea which I put into place last night and am reasonably happy with it. I dragged out her bookcase from her bedroom (she only ventures in there to sleep) and stole her foam sofa from the living/TV area (gotta replace it with something else)…


(quite an old shot)

That corner, before my rejig

That corner, before my rejig

I moved the desk around and created a corner for Hannah.


Hannah's little reading nook/corner

Hannah’s little reading nook/corner

She’s outgrowing that table, so I’d really like to get her a desk… but the table’s nice for when her friends come, although that’s not frequent… Anyone got a secondhand/used Step 2 Master Activity Desk to sell? (I’m in Melbourne, Australia…)

Update since writing this:

The next morning, the first thing Hannah did was drag that foam sofa out back to the TV area… which was okay since I’d just scored an Ikea Egg chair… and I like the look of it now :) Also dragged out an Ikea lamp from the recesses of our storage…

Hannah's reading nook, complete with IKEA egg chair

Hannah’s reading nook, complete with IKEA egg chair

A nice bright round rug would delineate the area more, I’m sure.


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    Sarah Arkanoff

    24 April 2009

    Books, books & more books! This is a fabulous idea for any childs room! ♥


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