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Jul 12 2007
Osborne and Little fabric

I’m finding it a bit hard getting prefab wooden room dividers! (Read about it here.) It’s all about oriental, asian, rosewood, pearl inlay, japanese screens on eBay and online. I have read about building one from 4 hollow core doors but I have neither the space (DIY in winter is horrid) nor the personal-space (read: Hannah) to be wielding a staple gun. And I think getting full sized doors is a bit overkill!

At the other end of this project, finding cool fabric is hard too. Right now, we can’t afford splurging on Osborne & Little fabric, which I lovelovelove and Spotlight don’t do cool. *sigh* Ikea have some cool fabric, but not in hot pink.

Osborne & Little have some really amazing fabric too! (Though I can’t find the one pictured in my previous post on their website.)

Osborne and Little fabric My fav fabric from Osborne and Little

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