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The red leather armchairs in Neal Caffrey's living room @bijoukaleidoscope

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This is the second in the series of posts of a more indepth look at Neal Caffrey’s apartment, in response to my most popular blogpost back in 2012. The first one dealt with art, furniture and wallpaper of the entrance area of the White Collar set.

Le Bonnet du Bain

There’s a really poignant print of a lady in striking teal, purple, white. She stands facing the sea in a bath cap with a large rosette, styling is 1930s. I’ve always loved her; having a soft spot for romantic portraits of ladies.

The first time we see her in White Collar, she hangs above the couch in the living room.

Jean-Pierre Cassigneul's 1978 Le Bonnet du Bain in Neal's Apartment @bijoukaleidoscope

Jean-Pierre Cassigneul’s 1978 Le Bonnet du Bain in Neal’s Apartment @bijoukaleidoscope

It’s by Jean Pierre Cassigneul, France. The painting is titled Le Bonnet du Bain (The Bath Cap), 1978.

The colourway is slightly different; seems that there a few versions. In the version used in White Collar, her bath cap is purple, the sea is almost a green rather than the traditional blue and the rosette in her bath cap an emerald green. Some versions depict this lady in a pale green bath cap, blue sea and purple rosette. The result is a striking contrast behind the mostly neutral colours of the apartment.

As the character progresses through the Seasons, being the art connoiseur he is, Neal Caffrey’s art collection grows and this piece is moved. In Season 2, we see that the Cassignuel finds its ‘forever’ spot on the wall to the left of the fireplace, above the covetable two door small cupboard.

The Cassignuel to the left of the oak fireplace in White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

from this post @bijoukaleidoscope

Replacing the Cassignuel

I’m glad the Cassignuel was moved. It looked lost in that space. The area above the sofa in Neal’s living zone needed something larger to frame the wall and the sofa.

Presumably, this next move is Neal’s. He replaces it with a large, heavily silvered mirror with substantial frame takes pride of place there. It’s a good move. The cozy, rather dim corner now has something which reflects light and picks up on lamplight with its gilt frame.

Neal Caffrey's living room on White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

Neal Caffrey’s living room on White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

In some episodes, the silvering appears less… I wonder if there were two identical mirrors made to suit the scene and angle of camera.

Mozzie and Neal chatting in his living room, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

Mozzie and Neal chatting in his living room, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

Easel display

For the first few episodes of the series, Leda was prominently display on the easel in the corner of the living room.

Mozzie laying on the couch with Leda watching over him, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

Mozzie laying on the couch with Leda watching over him, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

This is the Leonardo da Vinci’s Study for the Head of Leda, circa 1506. Now it resides in Windsor Castle, in the Royal Collection.

She’s moved from here to there, ostensibly a favourite art piece of Neal’s. Now and then, the painting is replaced, but this remains a frequent guest in the set design.

Leda again in a scene with Sara and Neal, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

Leda again in a scene with Sara and Neal, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

Sometimes replacing Leda are various other drawings:

Various other etchings and drawings on the easel @bijoukaleidoscope

Various other etchings and drawings on the easel @bijoukaleidoscope

If you know the sources, let me know!


Has anyone noticed how beautifully architectural Neal’s two armchairs are? Slim-lined yet I bet very comfortable. (And super light, as armchairs go!)

The red leather armchairs in Neal Caffrey's living room @bijoukaleidoscope

The red leather armchairs in Neal Caffrey’s living room @bijoukaleidoscope

They are a pair of Paulistano 1957 chairs, designed by Paulo Mendes da Rocha, a true mid century piece. It features only one bent steel bar into the frame (and therein lies the genius in simplicity) and a leather seat which wraps around itself.

Married with that mid century slatted coffee table and the neutral sofa by Shenandoah Furniture, it is cozy, comfortable and intimate.

I love that the living area is zoned by the large oak bookshelving. It delineates the space and differentiates it from the other spaces, which is important when the entire home is the one open space.

I’ve always loved a similar set up. A mix of art, objet d’art and books. (Including books with carved out holes for secrets – not guns, secret chocolate stash!)

One of my favourite things in the apartment is the green lampshade on this mid-century-esque floor lamp. It stands sentient in the space between the living and the bedroom area. The pop of colour amongst the neutrals really amps up the eclectic feel in his home.

Green lampshade stands out @bijoukaleidoscope

Green lampshade stands out @bijoukaleidoscope

The base of the lampstand features a rounded black ball:

Black balled tripod floor lamp @bijoukaleidoscope

Black balled tripod floor lamp @bijoukaleidoscope

If you can shed any light on the sources for the lamp and the art sketches, please let me know!

Next up, the dining room.



  1. Reply


    9 September 2016

    Love this post!
    I have a comment on the lamp, and it’s going to sound critical. It’s not, really – or if it is, it’s meant constructively.
    I found the statement about the lamp a little startling. I’ve never seen a sentient lamp. Did you intend to say “stands sentinel?”
    That notwithstanding, I really enjoy reading your posts – always interesting and well-informed. Thanks for sharing!

    • Reply


      9 September 2016

      Hi Staci, I hadn’t either! But apparently that is the “technical term” for that style of lamp! Thanks for your kind comments. I love hearing from readers! :)

  2. Reply

    Ann Mackl

    6 October 2017

    thanks for the post, did not read everything yet so maybe you alreade answered it.
    the little square red lamp I like very much, do you know more about it?

    • Reply


      6 October 2017

      Hi Ann, Thanks for your interest :)
      I do not know about the lamp and the shade. I suspect it was a marrying of two different items. The small shade looks to be red pigskin/hide of some sort. Interestingly, in some shots, the base seems to be dark wood. Like this. In other shots, the base seems to be black. Sorta like this.
      I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be point you to an aha! moment and website. Good luck!


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