Post Series: White Collar’s Neal Caffrey’s Apartment – Kitchen

Neal serving up a beautiful candlelight gourmet dinner for Sara, White Collar

The next area I thought I’d do is the kitchen area. Basically it runs 3/4 length of the far wall. We don’t see much action in this space other than to provide Neal and Mozzie with an area to store wine, de-cork wine bottles, get glasses and the odd open-the-fridge action. So this is a short post, comparatively to the living area and dining area posts.

The White Collar Kitchen

The White Collar Kitchen

It isn’t a large kitchen. Humble, really! It’s a beautiful mesh of vintage, stainless steel and antique. The stove looks like an antique Wedgewood stove range, in a white, which contrasts nicely with the greige wall, vintage oak cabinets. Or maybe not quite antique, circa 1930s.

The items in this space looks like it is thrift-store curated, a mish mesh of all styles, some kitsch, some midcentury, some antique and some modern.

White subway tile of course. It was put together at the height of the subway-tile craze.

As you can see in the pic below, the entire apartment was given a warmer-coat of paint. That allowed the subway tile to contrast really nicely with the wall.

Neal Caffrey's kitchen area, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

Neal Caffrey’s kitchen area, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

Not much to say about the kitchen and the old stove. But I did want to point out the Bauhaus print on the shelf above the sink, next to the sideways 24:

Peter giving Neal the death stare, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

Peter giving Neal the death stare, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

It’s a Bauhaus Ausstellung Weimar poster for the Bauhaus exhibition July-Sept 1923.

I do like that old cast iron ladder that is fixed to the wall going up further into … wait. Wasn’t Neal’s place the attic? The attic to the attic? Would have loved the show using that ladder or the space above for one of the many hideyholes in the apartment.

The ladder adds interest and architectural detail.


It’s completely bs marvelous how Neal is able to come up with gourmet dining experience with that stove!


Neal serving up a beautiful candlelight gourmet dinner for Sara, White Collar

Neal serving up a beautiful candlelight gourmet dinner for Sara, White Collar

But that is the magic of TV for ya!


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    Dedicated servers

    13 September 2017

    Seeing Caffrey take in the cobbled streets, while La Mer plays, prompts a sigh of relief for the fedora-toting conman.


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