Post Series: White Collar’s Neal Caffrey’s Apartment – Hallway and bathroom area

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Aug 19 2016
Neal's bathroom, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

Next up in the closer look into Neal Caffrey’s apartment from the now-ended-but-so-popular series White Collar are the rooms leading off the kitchen/dining area.

Hallway into dressing area and bathroom

You don’t see much here, presumably because narrow hallways aren’t that interesting and also difficult to shoot in. But we do get a glimpse in Controlling Interest, Season 5, Ep. 4, when Mozzie takes a minute to get a grasp on his emotions.

And here we get a quick glance at decor. Not much, and not glamourous, but set designers take advantage of a new space shown on the show to showcase more great art pieces.

Ship sailing on the sea painting in the hallway, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

Ship sailing on the sea painting in the hallway, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

I have always loved photos of seafaring ships. As you stare into and at great painting of ships (not in battle), it’s as if we project our dreams and ambition and need for escape onto them. Even from the distance you see it, you can tell immediately it is a ship painting with the vibrant blues. The camera lights highlight the beautiful–and substantial–gilt frame.

This is the painting up close, from an auction site. Sold for USD$95 in Feb 2015:

Seafaring ship painting on the set of White Collar on auction

via here

As of today, I still haven’t been able to identify it. If you know it, please let me know. Thanks :)


This room was only shown on Season 5. But what a room it was! Brightly lit, blacks and whites…

Neal's bathroom, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

Neal’s bathroom, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

The unusually long corbel-shelf provides a warmth to the space, augmented by Matt Bomer’s tanned and sculptured self, of course!

The bathroom mirror detail in Neal Carrey's apartment, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

The bathroom mirror detail in Neal Carrey’s apartment, White Collar @bijoukaleidoscope

Again, neutrals, with pops of colour in the green indoor plant or the orange enamel mug to hold the toothbrushes etc.

Last post to come

One more post and we’ll wrap up this apartment set design on White Collar.


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