Portrait Paintings: Women in Green

Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which all loveliness arises. - Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Before I went on my blog hiatus, I talked about my fascination with portrait paintings of women. I don’t enjoy nudes, just women dressed in beautiful gowns amongst rich, detailed backgrounds. A year on, I’d like to finish a project I started for my blog: a series of portraits focused on colour groups.

This week, it’s the Green Dress Portraits.

Portraits of women in green dresses bijoukaleidoscope®

Green has always pulled at my heartstrings. My angst-filled teenage and early adulthood years were spent living in government housing. This was very hard on my self-esteem; feeling inferior to my much-wealthier friends. We lived in a badly planned colonial-era house that creaked. The ceilings were bowed (and one fell on my parents’ bed on afternoon, weighed by rat droppings, but I digress). But what I soon found myself counting as a blessing was the lush, overgrown garden backyard. My creaky bedroom boasted three large windows overlooking the garden (which, due to the government housing situation, had no fences or gates – which is a easy mark for thieves).

Looking up from trigonometry or algebra at the lush greenery outside allowed my straining eyes to rest. Now, in my 40s, I constantly seek green. As I type, my desk is adjacent to our large bedroom window. I constantly look out at our backyard, which backs onto Australian bush. This same bedroom boasts a large, long wall, which I joyfully painted a heady tropical green; and have never regretted that decision!

It shouldn’t surprise then, that, when I see a painting of a woman dressed in green, I immediately get drawn to it.

Here’s a few (or 76) more!

Portraits of women in green part 1 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. Aïcha By Felix Vallotton (1922); 2. Miss Virginia Dalrymple (1871-1872) by George Frederic Watts; 3. Self-Portrait (c1920-1925) by Virginia B. Evans; 4. Rose Hobart (1934) by Luigi Lucioni (1901-1988); 5. Henrietta (1950s) by Vanessa Bell; 6. Portrait with Still Life by George Telfer Bear (1876-1973)

Portraits of women in green part 2 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. A Study in Greens by Harold Harvey; 2. Street Style 8 by Mariana Marche; 3. Study in Black and Green (1906) by John White Alexander; 4. An Afternoon’s Reading By Felix Milius; 5. The Idlers (1909) by Karl Anderson (1874-1956); 6. Le petit déjeuner (1754) by Jean-Étienne Liotard

Portraits of women in green part 3 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. The Reader by Harold Knight; 2. The King’s Daughter (before 1902) by Eduard Veith; 3. Serenity (1890) by Louise Jopling; 4. 1950s Hallmark Card; 5. Lady in a Green Dress by George Henry Glasgow; 6. The Album of The Athenaeum by William MacGregor Paxton

Portraits of women in green part 4 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. Honeysuckle (1911) by Gerard Chowne; 2. Vintage Hallmark Christmas card; 3. Echoes Of Romance by Norman Rockwell; 4. Green Dress by Daniel Gerhartz; 5. Marquise de Pompadour by Francois Boucher; 6. Lady with a Dog by Fernand Toussaint (1873-1955)

Portraits of women in green part 5 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. Five O’clock Tea (A Portrait of Mrs. Elwood Riggs) by Christian von Schneidau; 2. Musette by Eugene de Blaas; 3. Girl in a Green Dress by Henry Salem Hubbell; 4. Morning Dew Girl by Catrin Welz-Stein; 5. When the blue evening slowly falls by Frank Bramley (1857-1915); 6. Eva Meurier in a Green Dress (1891) by Maurice Denis

Portraits of women in green part 6 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. Queen Victoria (1840) by John Partridge; 2. Portrait of a lady wearing a green dress by Sir Herbert James Gunn; 3. Woman and Parasol by Fernand Toussaint; 4. The Riding Lesson by Agnes Richardson; 5. Jane Burden Morris (1869) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti; 6. Girl with gloves by Tamara de Lempicka

Portraits of women in green part 7 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. Lady in Green Dress (c1917-19) by Thomas Wilmer Dewing; 2. By Charles Cashwell; 3. Portrait of Baroness Gerda von Chappuis by John Lavery; 4. Portrait of Dorothee van Herzseele (1817) by Caroline Bardua; 5. By Henri Lebasque; 6. Self portrait (1923) by Mabel Alvarez

Portraits of women in green part 8 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. The Green Dress (1914) by William McGregor Paxton (American, 1869-1941); 2. Mrs Diana Chamberlain by Sir John Lavery; 3. Juliane Fürstin zu Schaumburg-Lippe (c.1781) by Johann Heinrich Tischbein the Elder; 4. Lady Jane Elizabeth Ellenborough nee Digby (1831) by Joseph Karl Stieler; 5. The Green Gown by Childe Hassam

Portraits of women in green part 9 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. Munich illustrated weekly for art and life 1912, Volume 2 (No. 27-52); 2. By Ruud van Empel; 3. The Athenaeum – Lady in Green by Richard Edward Miller; 4. Odalisque (early 19th century) by German School/unknown; 5. Elegant Woman In A Green Dress Pastel (1901) Pierre Carrier-Belleuse (1851-1932); 6. Marie Antoinette by L. L. Périn-Salbreux.

Portraits of women in green part 10 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. The Green Dancer by Edgar Degas; 2. Green and Gray by Agnes M. Richmond; 3. The Green Dress by John White Alexander; 4. The Arnolfini Portrait/The Arnolfini Wedding/The Arnolfini Marriage (1434) by Jan van Eyck.; 5. unknown; 6. The Sonata (1889) by Irving Ramsey Wiles

Portraits of women in green part 11 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. The Green Girl (1890s) by John Alexander White; 2. Emerald by Paper Fashion; 3. The Morning Paper (1929) by Hans Hassenteufel; 4. Illustration for American Weekly, 1953; 5. Mendel Levin Nathanson’s Elder Daughters, Bella and Hanna (1820); 6. By Pierre Chartier

Portraits of women in green part 12 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. Mrs Ernest Guinness (1912) by Sir Francis Bernard Dicksee; 2. By Harrison Fisher (1877-1934); 3. Juliet, Daughter of Richard H. Fox of Surrey (1931) by Alfred Lambart; 4. Olga Charlotte Grafin zu Solms-Teckelburg by Bary Eduard Robert; 5. Dawn by Edmund Hodgson Smart; 6. Girl in Green (1899) by Sara Hayden

Portraits of women in green part 13 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. Mrs. Cecil Wade by John Singer Sargent; 2. Ida Brun (1811) by J.L. Lund; 3. Portrait of M.N. Kuznetsova, the artist’s daughter (1901) by Nikolai Kuznetsova; 4. Portrait of Sylvia, daughter of the artist (1929) by Frank Salisbury; 5. Anne Vavasour (c.1560 – c.1650); 6. Portrait of a Girl in a Blue Dress Reading a Book (1925) by Carle Michel Boog

Portraits of women in green part 14 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. Van Raalte hosiery vintage ad; 2. Treasures Rockwell (1927); 3. Infanta Maria Luisa de Bourbon with a vase of flowers by Giusseppe Bonito; 4. The Green Dress and Parasol by Fernand Toussaint (1873-1955); 5. The Red Lacquer Cabinet by Archibald George Barnes; 6. By Julio Romero de Torres

Portraits of women in green part 15 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. By Pierre Mornet; 2. unknown, 3. By Renoir; 4. Cuded by Ricardo Sanz; 5. Diana (1930) by Alberto Vargas; 6. Figura femenina en verde (1933) by José María Rodríguez Acosta

Portraits of women in green part 16 bijoukaleidoscope®
1. Reflections by Ethel Porter Bailey (1908-27); 2. Advertising art for Coca-Cola (1960s) by Pete Hawley; 3. In Anticipation of Summer by Ekaterina Goncharova; 4. Miss V in Green (1920) by Richard Emil Miller (1875-1943); 5. Elizabeth Allhusen by Edmund Dulac; 6. unknown

26 October 2017
1 November 2017



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