Poppy & Summertime

My yellow paint swatches in an IKEA frame

I love paint swatches. Every time I get to Bunnings, I collect paint swatches (so now I have a huge pile of the same colours.. heh!).

I love the colours that paint manufacturers give to their paints. I find them so evocative and creative. What great fun it would be to be paid to peer into a can of paint and then bestow it with a name. ‘Daffodils on Fire’ would be a yellowy-orange.

We braved Ikea last weekend and picked up a yellow frame among other things. Their yellow is a happy shade, not at all pale and lack lustre.

My yellow paint swatches in an IKEA frame

My yellow paint swatches in an IKEA frame

Got all crafty and finally got a project done that I’ve wanted to do for a long time for my yellow office wall.

Poppy & Summertime

Poppy was a name of a yellow. So is Summertime. But BOTH!? That’s definitely a winner name for a yellow swatch!

26 April 2008
5 May 2008



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    2 May 2008

    I love yellow too. I painted my living room yellow, and it made such a big difference. That room was dark because it faces north and with a porch and oak tree right outside. Not it’s much brighter. I loved it so much, I am going to use the same color in my master bedroom. Love your office BTW.

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    6 May 2008

    Oh my goodness – this is sooooooo clever! I have so many different colored swatches, I wish that I’d thought of doing this.

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    6 May 2008

    sallyz: your yellow living room with the tree outside sounds really good! i love big trees. thanks, my office is one of my fav spots to be. esp when H is in daycare and i have 2 mins to think! :PPink: i know! i love it. i might actually do one in each room… so much fun putting it together. I also love the NAMES of the swatches! Like Pineapple Fluff


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