Plywood walls ala chic!

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Jul 15 2010
A House lined with plywood, via House of Turquoise
Our tiny tiny studio home for the next year or two. Tiny.

Taken when we moved in Feb 2010

I have talked about how much I hate our current plywood walls with their dark reddy-brown stained trim and frame. In such a small space (484sq ft), all that dark trim really does not add light to the space. Large windows were sacrificed for valuable wall space (and available funds at the time of building).

Still loving my kitchen shelves

My gorgeous kitchen shelves against plywood walls

But House of Turquoise really brought home to me how a little white, a wash/paint can really add light and bright to the same plywood wall treatment in a house.

Now I REALLY want to paint the trim and ceiling white. Now I need money to buy paint and manpower!!!

Images from Country Home

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