Pink blooms and curvy lines

Have you seen a gorgeous photo of someone and instantly thought: “What beautiful colours for a room!”?

I saved this pic of Scarlett Johansson a few weeks ago because the colours just made me want to put together a room!

The Inspiration

Scarlette Johansson in a delicious pink and yellow sheath

Scarlette Johansson

(Okay she’s absolutely beautiful and sexy, I’ll just state the painfully obvious. But that’s besides the point…)

The pinks, the florals, the orange tanned hue of her skin, the yellow stool, tans…

The Inspiration Translated into a Room

Pink and yellow-in-gold-tints in a vintage-esque bedroom

Pink and yellow-in-gold-tints in a vintage-esque bedroom

Pink and yellow-in-gold-tints in a vintage-esque bedroom. Deep pink wall matched by a creamy yellow ceiling.

Pink and yellow candy living room, via D Home Magazine

via D Home

Pink and white floral corner with daybed and strong black pot belly fire stove

A corner of Anna Spiro's new living room

A corner of Anna Spiro’s new living room

Pink, orange, yellow and red items on a vanity table

Black + Spiro's shop, once upon a time

Black + Spiro’s shop, once upon a time

A bold pink hallway with floral wallpaper, and plenty of black and white framed images

Bedrooms, dressing tables, living rooms, dining rooms… all so vibrant, all so alive… and all so tactile!

I’ve enjoyed putting this one together :)
Hope you liked this :)



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    22 July 2010

    Great post!! I love all the rooms!

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    23 July 2010

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