Pink and gold

You know when you see a picture/image and it strikes something inside you? It inspires you?

Larson-Juhl, via Lonny Mag

Larson-Juhl, via Lonny Mag

I ordered myself a print copy (can’t beat print) of Lonny Magazine Aug/Sep 2010 months ago and finally this weekend had some time to read it cover to cover. This unassuming photo was from the article on Larson-Juhl (page 41).

The pink and gold seemed right. Adds a touch of luxe. A touch of old world class! (Even though the “pink” was just molding clay before being painted.)

The colours made me go “See!??!?!” inside and I wondered why. Then I remember using it in creating a beautiful artpiece for my sister in law‘s home.. and completely loving the result:

My vintage gilt frame with a vintage knitting pattern and pink matteboard.

My vintage gilt frame with a vintage knitting pattern and pink matteboard.

Normally I don’t really like gilt frames, preferring to paint it a while or solid colour… but with pink, the gold/gilt seems to work perfectly.

The pink and gold theme in various shades completed the picture rail:

After I went around gathering things in the home that I knew would work.

Pink and gold (and white).

More pink and gold

Brilliant pink wall and gold mirror, gold console, gold chandelier!

Brilliant pink and lots old gold!

This is almost identical to my SIL’s home: the pink wall above the wall white, the gilt pieces as shown above.

Pink dining chairs with gilt dining table

Pink and gold/gilt chaise lounge in all white reading corner

The gorgeous French bed in pink upholstery and gilt frame!

from Annette Tatum's Well Dressed Home

from Annette Tatum’s Well Dressed Home

The cute pillow front and centre.

Deep pink accents with that large gilt mirror

Deep pink accents with that large gilt mirror

Pink accents in a bedroom with pink and gold wallpaper

How beautiful is that pink and gold wallpaper!?

Dusky pink bedroom with gilt antique dressing screen, via Laura Ashley

via Laura Ashley

Hot pink dining room with muted furniture and accents

Deep pink bedhead against pale pink wall and gilt frame

via Sarah Richardson


9 November 2010



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    3 November 2010

    I like white white white! :o) nice job on your blog.

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    8 November 2010

    Loving the gilt frames with pink… great inspiration!E+J

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    16 November 2010

    thanks Eddie and Jaithan :)


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