Panton chair

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Oct 1 2009
Red Panton chair creates a hint of cheekiness to this living room

Normally, I am drawn to padded and upholstered dining chairs… (what can I say, I like comfort!)

But I must say… I find the Panton chair very very very sexy.

In Yellow

Yellow Panton chair, via Boris Breuer

Yellow Panton chair, via Boris Breuer

What an inviting yellow Panton chair

Pale yellow Panton chairs brighten this cozy dining space

Yellow Panton chairs in this light filled room

Single yellow Panton chair pops against the teal rug

The single yellow Panton chair amongst the whites adds interest

All white

10 white Panton chairs in red and white dining room

White Panton chair paired with a white desk

The white Panton chairs create architecture, texture and lines against the all-glassed room

White Panton chair adding style to a white and black space

The White Panton chairs blends into the all white scheme

White Panton chairs against black all with red, pink and white accessories

The all white scheme causing the brown table to pop

The all white Panton chairs almost disappear in this gloss white space

Another look for the all white room, and brown table.

Both very different feel rooms. First one hard lines, second photo soft textures… but both cause the brown dining table to pop.

Black Panton chairs

Black matte Panton chairs blends in with the dark scheme in this dining room

Black Panton chair in this all white living room adds architectural interest

Pink Panton chairs

The deep pink Panton chair keeps the study from looking too country

Hot pink Panton chairs in a garden

Red Panton chairs

Red Panton chair creates a hint of cheekiness to this living room

Red Panton chairs pop in this all white space

Green Panton chairs

Love the green pop of colour in this study by the Panton chair

Blue Panton chairs

The bright blue Panton chairs pop in this brown toned dining room

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