• falling in love

    15 April 2006

    they say it takes time to fall in love with a person. apparently you need time to get to know a person, time to…

  • homemade rocky road

    26 June 2005
    My Homemade Rocky Road

    yes. i made my first batch of rocky road last night. after using 4 packets of cooking dark and milk chocolate … this is…

  • crowd habits

    10 February 2005

    things about crowds that annoy me.

    1. some people walk real slow! at peak hour time.
    2. some people stop to have conversations mid-traffic. and…

  • Ode to Brolly

    2 February 2005

    You are truly gone…
    Like the wind…
    Who probably took you away from me.

    I searched High and Low
    I searched the Stations
    I called HeadQuarters
    I ransacked the Office

  • summer.

    30 November 2004


    not dealing well with the heat at all. was 42° yesterday. went home (1½ hour’s ride each way) in a train with NO air…

  • element-stumped.

    29 November 2004

    haven’t been well by a long shot. been so weak, busy and generally weather-stumped. freezing in office today because it’s hot outside. why can’t…

  • M&M Psychedelia

    15 September 2004
    M&M advertisement

    I have to dedicate a whole post to our new favourite ad on TV. Andrew and I love the updated feel to the M&Ms…

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Friends and family call me drey (pronounced 'dree'... short for Audrey) and I can often be found zipping through op-shops and vintage stores in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.

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