Our living room makeover Part 1

A painting mistake when using dark colours @bijoukaleidoscope

For years, I’ve bleated on about how when we finally purchase our own home, I’d do all yellows and whites.

Once, some moons ago

The yellow and white palette for rooms that inspired me

First pic, from here; second pic, from here; third and fourth pic, from here.

I still love white and yellows, but I think that should be reserved for a house with loads of natural light. Here, the living room, kitchen and dining rooms really lack natural light.

We have been in the fortunate situation in that we rented this house for almost 2 years prior to it going on the market. So I’ve had time to sit and live in the space. I also knew that a bright white paint will not translate well in this space because it is rather shaded.

A few months ago, I began to return back to a childhood colour-love: rich lush green. And I envisioned it with deep blues and golds. So I’ve been drawn to a different colour palette and feel.

Since a few months ago, and today

Rooms in Blues and greens and golds

First pic, from here; second pic, from here; third pic, from here; fourth pic, from here.

These few images have stayed in my mental moodboard for almost 4 months, even before we had news of the house going on the market.

We had two months to settle on the house, but in that time, I just wasn’t able to wait any longer. The house as is was very dated and tired. Every wall will be painted eventually. I’ve informed my husband time and again that that fact is not up for negotiation.

I marched right up to Haymes Paints and got some sample pots from my Haymes Paints fandeck, painted them on the large pieces of backs of cardboard and sat it against the wall for some days.

The blues I settled on first; (L-R) Haymes Paints Olympian Blue, Rhapsody and Debonair.

The blues I settled on first; (L-R) Haymes Paints Olympian Blue, Rhapsody and Debonair.

I was prepared to settle for one of them, although my heart wasn’t in any of them… I sat them against that awful dated cream-yellow-orange existing wall for weeks. A day after settling on the house, I prepared to head off to the paint shop but on an ‘inner urge’, I checked out Haymes Paints‘ website.

I thank God for that inner voice telling me to check out the website/blog. I instantly knew I’d found it:

The Haymes Paints Rhythmic Palms theme, 2014-2015

The Haymes Paints Rhythmic Palms theme, 2014-2015

That wall paint was what I liked best. I also found that since I was sent my full fandeck 5 years ago, they’ve added more than 200 colours!

Didn’t even bother with getting a sample pot. I knew I liked Viking.

But it was a bold move, going so dark. The in laws could not believe that I was going so bold. To them, using dark colours in a house that isn’t filled with natural light was bonkers. But my husband offered me the best support, “Go with your gut, honey. I don’t see it, but I trust you.”

And I did go with my gut feel.

The Viking

Sneak peek: second coat of Haymes Paints Viking 2448in a corner of our living room

Sneak peek: second coat of Haymes Paint’s Viking in a corner of our living room

Tips when working with dark walls:

My painting arsenal @bijoukaleidoscope

My painting arsenal

1. Use the tinted undercoat that the paint shops advise. Don’t stint on the tint.

2. Be prepared to do more than 2 coats of the dark top coat to get the depth and richness.

3. Trust the paint.

4. Don’t buy cheap paint. Trust me. I love the depth and richness of Haymes, but it isn’t the cheapest.

5. Don’t. Never. Don’t. Just don’t. Don’t paint when it’s windy, hot and dry. Trust me. Just don’t.

6. Most importantly, always finish to the end of the wall with three coats of paint when you know you won’t have enough paint to do more walls. Don’t try to get to the end of the paint tin… make sure you have a new tin of paint for a new wall section. Mistake:

A painting mistake when using dark colours @bijoukaleidoscope

A painting mistake when using dark colours @bijoukaleidoscope

I chose to go with that lovely Viking by Haymes Paint on one whole side of the room (including all the facets of that ‘side’) and then a bright white with a hint of umber (Haymes Modesty White) with the other 3 walls.

Make sure you come back in a few days for the reveal!



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    Alexandra Fuller

    8 May 2015

    This is the perfect way to do a complete makeover to the living room. Thanks for sharing the tips.

    • Reply


      12 May 2015

      Thanks Alexandra :) It’s nice to see the hard work into preparing the blog post encourage someone else on their own journey, mistakes and all :)


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