One Room, Two Ways

woodson+rummersfield showroom in black, white and redredlook

I love it when someone gets the opportunity to redress a room in different ways. I would love to be given that freedom! Would have so much fun… and I reckon I will learn heaps too.

A bit of paint. A few essential pieces of furniture; lounge sets, side tables, rugs, lamps. A lot of vision. And a new room is reborn!

It would be fun to have the means and ability and skill to completely redress a room every two years. Maybe a dining space. Completely reborn every 2 years. Replete with dining table and chairs, wall treatments, curtains, lighting.

For the average non-professional, interior design fanatic, you could still do it every two years with a bit of paint and different inexpensive lighting treatments. But of course, the real question is, can you be bothered?

Or would you just work the room till you find the one ‘right balance’ and then let that stay/stick until you move? I tend to be that because buying new furniture every so often requires cash that otherwise would be used to have a much-needed holiday or clothes or servicing a car…

Oh but to be able to redress a room like the showroom at Woodson + Rummerfield would be so fun and in some ways, liberating!

29 August 2007
31 August 2007



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    30 August 2007

    I love these rooms. I have them saved in all my millions of decorating photos. Unless you have a warehouse to store a million pieces of furniture to switch out all the time,….or really rich, being able to change the room whenever you want is a just a DREAM. ;) I try really hard to LIKE everything that I put in my rooms, so they can stay awhile.

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    Another Shade of Grey

    30 August 2007

    I love the red one.

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    30 August 2007

    anothershadeofgrey: but it’s less symmetrical as the blue and silver one! hehehehejessie: yeah i love how different the mood of a room can change just depending on colour of furnishings (still white walls and same lighting!)i would love to be able to collect items of different sets of colour so i can periodically change the feel of a room according to seasons of my heart (or PMS!). (but not quite like Oprah where she has warehouses of furniture etc! until we can hire full time people who can move furniture for us on a whim, it’s just me and the husband!)

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    14 September 2007

    I love to play with rooms . An I’m lucky because I can do it in my show room every 3 months I change everything in it . It is a lot of work , of reflection , imagination but it so much fun

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    Micheal Tuffy

    21 September 2012

    Red one is the best

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    David Smith by Children Funky Furniture

    12 October 2012

    I like second design for Bedroom; I really like the room with the mismatched frames on the walls and your bedroom! Just the sort of stuff, I adore all the colours, prints and ‘newness’. I want to see your all furniture collection…… 


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