One Pink Wall

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Feb 18 2007
A pink wall used as an accent wall

Great use of Pink as an Accent wall.

A pink wall used as an accent wall

I love the white walls and gray white furniture and warm colour of the flooring. The neutral palette allows you to change the accent colour regularly for a new feel and pop!

Instead of pink, imagine instead: next month, the wall being turquoise and reflected in a collection of vibrantly coloured aqua/turquoise Bitossi vases. Or a yellow wall and reflected in some sunny and cheaply procured sailboats spray painted yellow.

Or a lime green wall reflected in a bowl of limes on the coffee table?

How else can you reinterpret that wall? Would you do it and just keep painting over?

You could also drastically change the reflectors/accents. Instead of that vivid pink floral arrangement, switch it out now and then with a vibrant pink lampshade, or an oversized pink vase… or a pink Royal Doulton figurine. Just the one burst of pink to reflect off that brilliant pink wall.

In a palette that restrained (and obviously devoid of children living or messy family members), I’d find it hard to maintain and live in… but easy to decorate!

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