Ode to Hydrangea

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Feb 12 2012
I LOVE my new eBay-ed outdoor setting :)

Pretty hydrangeas on the dining table in shades of green and pink.

If anyone asked me what my favourite flowers were, other than roses and cherry blossoms, it would have to be hydrangeas.

I love growing these! With regular feeding, a spot in semi-shade and occasional anti fungal spray, they’re dead simple to care for. Want blue? Toss acid into the soil. Want pink? Toss alkaline into the soil… (white/green are a different breed altogether and will not change).

Big hydrangea blooms in pink and blue depending on the acidity of the soil

I love their stunning displays during spring/summer, and when not in flower, their big green foliage adds just the right touch of green and freshness to the home. I love their ability to be planted right near the home, but not be in danger of roots systems getting under foundations, like the liquidambars. Pity they don’t have any scent.

Planted en masse they are a stunning display of floral pom-poms.

A pretty sitting corner of the garden amongst blue and pink hydrangea bushes

Such a pretty setting with a simple house surrounded by mature blue hydrangea bushes

Pale green hydrangea line a path up to a house

A place to read or have a quiet chat with a friend amongst white hydrangeas

Masses of blue hydrangea bushes

Beautiful pink hydrangea bushes

Beautiful pink hydrangea bushes along a high stone wall

Super large blue hydrangea bushes

But it looks just as stunning in a large pot (better large since they can grow very large… or regular repotting).

Deep pink hydrangea in a deep gold bowl

Tall white hydrangea in a large, tall urn

Remember Nic's (from Making it Lovely) front porch? Beautiful pink hydrangea

Remember Nic’s (from Making it Lovely) front porch? Beautiful pink hydrangea

Variegated blue and pink and white hydrangea in tall urns

Small pink hydrangea against wooden palings

Driveway lined with large blue hydrangea in tall large urn vases

Beautiful climbing hydrangea

Beautiful climbing hydrangea

What about a hanging hydrangea?? Apparently there are beautiful specimens in the Longwood Gardens, PA, USA. I’d like to start a few myself…

Hanging balls of pink hydrangea topiaries

Hanging balls of pink hydrangea topiaries

I have just two hydrangeas to start with. One’s pinky-orange and the latest is a $1 rescue from Kmart’s dismal nursery by my mother in law. It was almost dead when she got it and the little thing now has so many healthy green leaves on it. I can’t wait to see its pure white blooms!

I have been working on implementing my plan for the courtyard. So far, my plan has been a good one…

I LOVE my new eBay-ed outdoor setting :)

I LOVE my new eBay-ed outdoor setting :)

I truly truly love my outdoor setting. Our new-to-us outdoor setting on a beautiful sunny day. I got this from eBay for $240. The lady said she paid $5000 for it barely 4 years ago! All it needs is a sand, and some outdoor varnish.

It’s now undercover (where you can spy a trailer in the above photo) to protect it from the extreme rain. It’ll go back out when it’s varnished. My dainty pink butterfly plant just perfects the look I want!

It has been raining non-stop for the past month and it’s set to be a non-stop rainy season this summer (what summer, the husband scoffs)… so photographs will disappoint! Because of all the moisture, my roses have black spot so I keep plucking the ugly leaves, my beautiful orange-pink hydrangea has fungus on leaves (sprayed, thank God!) and everything’s looking sad.

I have been busy though. In the past 11 months since moving in, I’ve added cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, maidenhair ferns, hoyas (aren’t they BEAUTIFUL!), camellias, roses, violas, orchids, an orangey-pink frangipani plant, begonias, lisianthus and a butterfly plant!

I’ve also maintained my azalea bushes planted in the landlord’s side strip where nothing grew due to allopathic pine needles from next door. I do enjoy seeing them grow. But it’s such a pain having to regularly de-pine-needle the strip. I feel like chopping those branches off from overhead.

The latest could-not-leave-behind was my first hoya. It was also a Kmart rescue and I can’t wait to see blooms. Apparently this is a safe-for-indoors one! Isn’t it gorgeous??

The Beautiful Hoya, via Wikipedia

The Beautiful Hoya, via Wikipedia

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