O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

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Nov 21 2014
Golden Christmas Tree

I don’t know about you guys in the US, but fake Christmas trees in Australia aren’t cheap! (Quality ones anyway.)

Gold Christmas Tree

Gold Christmas Tree

Two years ago, I looked everywhere for gold Christmas trees in Australia. Nada. Meanwhile, I lusted over Treetopia’s gold tree:

Treetopia’s 1.75′ tree is $188! How very affordable. Come on. #frustrated

Last year, we were going on a long road trip to Melbourne over the Christmas period, so I was ok about not having a Christmas tree.

Now, this year, since we have just purchased this home, I want a nice, big, sparkly tree. Golden. Two years later, I find ONE.

It’s not a full tree, it’s not super tall. But it’s AUD$360, a golden spruce tree from Domayne.

Gold spruce Christmas tree from Domayne

Gold spruce Christmas tree from Domayne

Anybody know an affordable gold Christmas tree this year in Australia?

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