No more cookie cutter for IKEA

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Mar 8 2007
Bemz Klippan covers

For those of us who have to have IKEA upholstered furniture for one reason or another, here’s a FANTASTIC way to unique-fy your pieces! Katarina Wiklund designs for Swedish company Bemz. They specialises in slipcovering IKEA furniture. For us Aussie folk, there is one catch: They don’t deliver to Australia. So your best bet is to get a friend/family member in US/UK to ship it to you!

Bemz Klippan covers

See the Klippan sofa? You can pick this up for AU$249 and then cover it with the Urban Tapestry- Real Red slipcover for €109.89. Still heaps less than a sofas in Harvey Norman!

Get a few, change the look every now and then. You’ll feel like you have a new piece of furniture and a new look.

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