No more cookie cutter for IKEA

Bemz Klippan covers

For those of us who have to have IKEA upholstered furniture for one reason or another, here’s a FANTASTIC way to unique-fy your pieces! Katarina Wiklund designs for Swedish company Bemz. They specialises in slipcovering IKEA furniture. For us Aussie folk, there is one catch: They don’t deliver to Australia. So your best bet is to get a friend/family member in US/UK to ship it to you!

Bemz Klippan covers

See the Klippan sofa? You can pick this up for AU$249 and then cover it with the Urban Tapestry- Real Red slipcover for €109.89. Still heaps less than a sofas in Harvey Norman!

Get a few, change the look every now and then. You’ll feel like you have a new piece of furniture and a new look.

7 March 2007
11 March 2007



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    25 March 2007

    Wow, what a great idea for a business. I can understand the shipping restriction. The postage to Australia, at least from my neck o’ the woods (California) is the highest I’ve ever paid. So sorry for you.I’m enjoying your blog immensely!

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    25 March 2007

    however of course, those of us in Australia have to moan about the shipping restrictions! :) oh well. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. i visit yours alot too!!!

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    11 May 2008

    Or you could always try to get som new friends in Sweden even?! ;)Didnt know that it was THAT expensive to ship to Aussi? come on how much would a cover for the sofa weigh, 4kg max?In Sweden to send outside Europe its like about 300-500Swe.cowns. And if the cover itself is only about hmm 3000Swe.crowns its not that much to bring your sofa to new life and fashion if you think about the option of buying a brand new one or leaving it in for redacorationg prof. (they probably look at you funny for that one since its an ikea sofa hehehe they would here in Swe anyway). The bad news is thou that we in Sweden dont have this cover anymore so cant send it to you if you wanted. We just have som new patterns (very swedish taste designcloths) for it that are non-changeable and the ones you can buy extra are only in sand, chocolate and I think white. So not a lot to work with there if you want action and colours.You could buy a stapler and cloth and staple yourself but with the risk of destroying it or make it look halfgood if you havent done it before….trust me my mother tried on some old chairs and she even forgot about getting the right amount of stuffing for the seats so…yeah they wernt that comfortamble either. :PNow i dont know if your in to buying things second hand since I didnt read all of your blog and I was looking for polarbears on google when I found you but thats an option also if you perhapps can find design 2d hands maybe? Not so pricey and hopefully not gused to much and keept well and washed(of poss dep. on cloths/materials). I myself can say after 28 years that 2d hand is where I have found my best buys and I dont mean in prices only or as first on the list but as best finds!Good luck and your baby girl is sooooo sweet! I could eat her!Best Reg. SamanthaGothenburg Sweden.


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