New Home: Hannah

Hannah's IKEA Chandelier with the gorgeous walls.

While I have loved our new home’s layout, size and feel, one thing I DO NOT LIKE is that every darn thing in the house is the same colour. The wall tiles, doorknobs, toilet seat, architraves, trim, doors, splashback, floor tiles, carpet, bathtub and shower stall.

Yucky cream-apricot.

So, painting started basically the day we got the keys to the house.

We have washed, wiped, cleaned, primed, painted and painted. We have cut in. We have rolled.

The first space to be tackled is the huge living room (still painting and trying to decide on furniture and artwork so not quite ready for reveal yet).

The second space to be tackled, almost in tandem to the living room is Hannah’s room. She’s just over 2 and already exhibits a bright and vibrant personality.

The walls are done, but the door and trims in Hannah’s room still have yet to be painted. But it feels great to have one room 85% done.


Hannah's room as when we first bought it - pre painting

Hannah’s room as when we first bought it – pre painting


Secret: I’ve NEVER held a roller brush before. And only paintbrushes to furniture and craft. So family were shocked that I’d chosen a very strong colour. But I stuck to my guns… and after two coats of Chilled Wine (a purply red) by Haymes Paint:

Chilled Wine from Haymes on Hannah's walls

Chilled Wine from Haymes on Hannah’s walls

I love the quality of Haymes Paints. I’ve never been disappointed by it. It goes on well and is suited to the Australian climate. It does cost a little bit more than the other ranges, but I find the covering superior.

It’s a deep purpley-red, perfect for Hannah’s vibrant personality. I’d always planned on a vibrant room for Hannah with oranges and reds.

Hannah's IKEA Chandelier with the gorgeous walls.

Hannah’s IKEA Chandelier with the gorgeous walls.

And this shade does not disappoint!

The $8 chandelier I got from IKEA (now discontinued) goes perfect with the walls. When turned on it casts crystally light glows on the upper walls and ceiling. It’s princess touch with the chandelier but the deep purpley-red steers the room away from “princessy”.

Hannah still in her cot at this stage, enjoying the warm glow of lights + new walls

Hannah still in her cot at this stage, enjoying the warm glow of lights + new walls

Those lights are kid-safe lights. If one bulb gets pulled out, the entire string of lights turn off. The entire thing only works if every bulb is in. The bulbs also don’t get warm/hot to the touch. (May be LED.) This was why I felt safe draping it over her cot. She loved sleeping at night with them as a nightlight. (When the lights are turned off, the glow isn’t bright.)

The small walk in closet, perfect for her sunny dresses.

The small walk in closet, perfect for her sunny dresses.

See how the cream trim clashes with the purple walls? I plan to paint the entire closet and trim white. Although, in her closet, a happy orange might be an idea! We managed to drag in her dresser and that fits perfectly in that space. While she doesn’t need full length hanging space yet, it is the perfect height for her little size 2 dresses to fit on top. That IKEA curtain was such a good fit!

Happy curtains from IKEA for her happy walls

Happy curtains from IKEA for her happy walls

The vivid colours really makes the space. They’re strong colours. Grounded by the teak sideboard.

I love the red glow of the butterfly lamp I made in her room against the purpley-red wall.

I actually love this room. Every time I pass the room in the hallway, the warmth invites me in. :)

15 July 2008
30 July 2008



  1. Reply

    Fashion Hayley

    29 July 2008

    Looks good, I love the bold pink. Are the curtains staying? I’m not sure they match, but I do like the bold colours of the room.

  2. Reply


    29 July 2008

    hi hayley, thanks for leaving a comment :) it’s not a pink, it’s actually a deep purply-red. spastic camera, i think!the curtains are lovely, i wanted it not to “match”… just wanted the colours in the room to be strong and invigorating and inspiring to my v. active and creative little one :)

  3. Reply


    29 July 2008

    I love the colours! Well done! Bold decision, that definitely works.Love the curtains as well.Enjoy your new place.

  4. Reply


    29 July 2008

    i don’t really fancy the curtains – the colors clash. i love the room color. is it pink? does hannah like her new room?

  5. Reply


    29 July 2008

    Love the light and the fun color. Also, I’ve never seen lights around a crib – what FUN. Good for you, Hannah, you’ve done a wonderful job and you and Hannah will enjoy her room so much!!!

  6. Reply

    la la Lovely

    4 August 2008

    Very cute.. I can see why you love it every time you pass by! Is the chandelier from Ikea? I think I have the same one just waiting to be hung! So pretty!

  7. Reply


    12 August 2008

    That’s a GREAT colour! Fun and cheery but sofisticated still! Thank God you stuck with your guns huh?!! I like the crib too. I’ll be planning a baby room soon too but we still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl? So…maybe next month….

  8. Reply


    12 August 2008

    la la lovely: thanks! it IS from Ikea. it’s soooo pretty. pity the camera doesn’t pick up the pretty patterns it makes on the paint, which i chose in low sheen to pick up any light.tayzt-buds: thanks, i did want it for a little girl but easily updated to a little woman… with the right furniture and all it can look incredibly bluff-grown up :)congratulations on your pregnancy too! i couldn’t stand not knowing, i wanted to be able to call my bump a he or she straightaway :)


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