Neal Caffrey’s edgy home

The White Collar cast; Tim Dekay, Tiffani Thiessen, Matt Bomer and William Garson
The White Collar cast; Tim Dekay, Tiffani Thiessen, Matt Bomer and William Garson

The White Collar cast; Tim Dekay, Tiffani Thiessen, Matt Bomer and William Garson

Shhh, don’t tell anyone but I happen to love the popular TV show White Collar (USANetwork). I could wax lyrical about the perfection that is Matt Bomer or the very lush Tiffani Thiessen and Hilarie Burton… but most of you frequent readers will know, I be here to yak about the gorgeous edgy rooftop apartment in June Ellington‘s NYC mansion!

The Mansion on the Corner

The Schinasi Mansion

The Schinasi Mansion, via here.

According to White Collar Lexicon, the mansion featured is actually the only privately-owned freestanding mansion in Manhattan. It is the Turkish tobacco baron Morris Schinasi Mansion built in 1909 by architect William Burnet Tuthill (the same who designed the Carnegie Hall). In 2006 it was listed for a whopping USD$31mil! Due to the real estate market in US, it had to be dropped to USD$15mil in Nov 2011. The four-storied Schinasi overlooks the Hudson River and has 18 rooms over 12,000 sq.ft.

Although I was going to focus purely on the enigmatic Neal Caffrey‘s apartment, the mansion itself is so gorgeous it bears a few minutes’ drooling. Neal’s apartment is shot entirely on set, but scenes featuring the interior and exterior of the mansion is shot within the mansion. So for a few-all-too-few seconds of select-all-too-few episodes, Diahann Carroll gets to pretend this is her home!

I think the interior is filled up in the TV series much more than actual photos by the real estate agents in US have provided, but you get to see much of the architectural genius that is Tuthill.

The Real Entrance Hall of Schinasi

Isn’t the entry hall mad? Schinasi wanted white marble in plenty-proportions and he got it in spades! Little too psychedelic for me. Keep thinking if I cross my eyes just right, I’d see a picture of a unicorn waving at me with an acorn!

The Schinasi entrance hall.

The Schinasi entrance hall, via here.

The Entrance Hall as in White Collar

In White Collar, this space was edited to be a little shorter in length than in reality. In the show, it’s a small, but exquisitely covered in marble.

The entrance hall in White Collar

The entrance hall in White Collar

Front parlour

First we see of Neal Caffrey's host, June (Diahann Carroll) in White Collar.

First we see of Neal Caffrey’s host, June (Diahann Carroll) in White Collar.

The honeycomb ceiling in the Schinasi mansion

The honeycomb ceiling in the Schinasi mansion

I remember this shot of the very formal living in the Pilot episode (of White Collar). I remember it vividly because of the brilliance of the ceiling panelling! Amazing to think it STILL holds modern-day amazement, more than 100 years after it was installed.

Of course, this is it, unfurnished. Allows us to see more, to drool more.

Schinasi mansion front parlour

Schinasi mansion front parlour, via here.

I think the warm honeys of the wood of panels and parquetry flooring doesn’t overpower because of the creamy white of the walls and generous amount of windows letting in light.

[The glossy, black grand piano is insitu for the scenes in Home Invasion.]

Schinasi mansion front parlour

Schinasi mansion front parlour, via here.

Similarly richly panelled, this unseen-in-White-Collar dining room leaves me wanting to touch the wood and furniture pieces.

Schinasi mansion dining room

Schinasi mansion dining room, via here.

Neal Caffrey’s loft studio

Coming back to the drooling at hand, Neal Caffrey’s studio apartment I found incredibly well spaced (for a single, maybe couple, but no kids!) and well laid out.

Neal Caffrey's loft studio

Neal Caffrey’s loft studio

This apartment boasts floor-to-ceiling glass doors/windows in the dining area which I so love since it allows in light, light and more light :) It’s also got these fantastic frosted angle glass panes at the top.

Neal Caffrey's loft studio, the reverse angle.

Neal Caffrey’s loft studio, the reverse angle.

Neal Caffrey’s dining area

Interesting how simply-cheap the dining table looks, next to the other much more expensive pieces around it.

I’ve since been corrected by reader apsiggy who points out it isn’t cheap, but designed by Jean Nouvel for Molteni&C. Not so cheap after all!! Seeing it in hi-def on Molteni&C makes me appreciate it more. Thanks!

Source: Dining table was designed by Jean Nouvel for Molteni&C.

Neal Caffrey’s lounge area

Closeup of the lounge area (sans TV unit!)

Books feature prominently in Neal Caffrey's lounge area.

Books feature prominently in Neal Caffrey’s lounge area.

The bookcase is simple and is full of books (half hollowed out I’m sure!) and objet d′art. I am also a big fan of small lamps within the shelves. Love that painting of the lady on the easel in the corner and the mid-century low slatted coffee table.

Source: that “painting of the lady on the easel” is DaVinci’s Head of a Young Woman with Tousled Hair.

It strikes me again how many different styles and periods of furniture sit together in this space and how it works… it reflects my eclectic style :)

At a later date, the TV was added:

The sitting area in Neal Caffrey's loft studio

The sitting area in Neal Caffrey’s loft studio

The sitting area and bedroom aren’t left in the dark either but have the same angled frosted glass panes at the top, which lets in precious diffused light:

Slanted windows providing diffused lighting without glare

Slanted windows providing diffused lighting without glare

The Bedroom area in Neal Caffrey’s loft studio

The bedroom area (to the front of the 2 seater lounge):

Neal Caffrey's bed and wardrobe

Neal Caffrey’s bed and wardrobe

Simple, unadorned furniture. Large-presence pieces, highlighting masculine touches but maintaining an eclectic feel. I love the simple cut of the long mirror married with the warm woods of the bed and wardrobe. I love how the ornate carvings of the bed sits very nicely alongside the low sideboard on which the mirror sits on. I really also like how the green shade is mirrored in the green of the painting next to the wardrobe!

The Kitchen area in Neal Caffrey’s loft studio:

Kitchen made by vintage pieces put together

Kitchen made by vintage pieces put together

I loved the mixture of vintage pieces, the old cooker and the wine cabinet.

Simple kitchen included just basics... yet, all needed to function.

Simple kitchen included just basics… yet, all needed to function.

Neal Caffrey’s Balcony

It leads out onto the gorgeous balcony which has a gorgeous view of NYC skyline… and is studded with stone planters, pots and statues with topiaries.

Neal and Peter out on the balcony in White Collar

Neal and Peter out on the balcony in White Collar

Neal Caffrey’s walk-in wardrobe

The closet, which, along with the bathroom, is behind the white door next to kitchen area.

Neal Caffrey's walk in robe

Neal Caffrey’s walk in robe


Close up of the fireplace (hidden left panel to store secrets!):


Source: Le Bonnet de Bain, 1978, by Cassigneul Jean-Pierre

The apartment is littered with unique objects and furniture, fantastically unique paintings/art, great furniture, secret hiding places… and yet it isn’t cluttered. Of course, it is an incredibly edited space, but it is no doubt very livable, non?

Update: 16 Feb 2016

Hi guys, I have just posted the first of a series of a more indepth look at the art, furniture and other sources to Neal Caffrey’s apartment. Check out Post 1: The Entrance

23 July 2012



  1. Reply


    12 August 2012

    Awesome! The headboard's deep rich carved wood with the contrasting classic white sheets are my favorite detail.

  2. Reply


    15 August 2012

    Funny you should call cheap the dining table designed by Jean Nouvel for Molteni&C Italian furniture.

  3. Reply


    16 August 2012

    oooh! hi, whoops! i searched for the dining table online and only found an obviously cheaper look-a-like on the Ikea website!thanks for locating it. (have amended my article)

  4. Reply


    20 August 2012

    No worries! Thanks for updating! Keep it coming- I'm a fan!

  5. Reply


    15 May 2013

    Thanks for posting this. Neal's apartment is awesome. The only room we haven't seen yet is the bathroom – can't wait to see what that looks like.

  6. Reply


    23 June 2013

    I think the jean nouvel table looks cheap in that setting.even iraofl

  7. Reply


    23 June 2013

    I think the JEAN NOUVEL designed table looks cheap in that setting.

  8. Reply


    4 July 2013

    "that painting of the lady on the easel in the corner" is a reproduction of DaVinci's Head of a Young Woman with Tousled Hair. I find it very interesting how they change the paintings on Neal's apartment over the seasons… even if it's just their placements.

  9. Reply


    2 January 2014

    I think we have the exact dining room chairs featured around the table–
    inherited. Any info re these that could help us identify who made them, what period they are from etc? And closeup pictures of them? They were in the parents’ house for 50+ years.

  10. Reply


    8 February 2014

    Does anyone know the artist or title of the painting of the woman at the sea to the left of the fireplace? I love that painting.

  11. Reply

    Lina Gimble

    18 February 2014

    The painting is:

    Title : Le Bonnet de Bain
    Date : 1978
    CASSIGNEUL Jean-Pierre, *1935 (France)–cassigneul-jean-pierre-1935-fr-le-bonnet-de-bain-2406885.htm

    I love it too!


  12. Reply

    Sharon Fairbanks

    18 April 2014

    Please don’t take this show off the air. It is one of the best series on TV cable or otherwise! The characters all mesh with each other beautifully. The script is crisp and makes all the other characters shine their best,!

  13. Reply

    K. R.

    6 February 2015

    The painting by Da Vinci is actually “Study for the Head of Leda”, which is in the British Royal Collection.

    • Reply


      8 February 2015

      Thank you for the information :) Always great to have more sources identified!

  14. Reply


    9 February 2015

    I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this blog. Thank you, I will try and check back more often. How frequently you update your website?

  15. Reply


    12 April 2015

    I am wondering about the bed spread/duvet do you know the brand or pattern?

    • Reply


      4 May 2015

      Hi, I have been trying to locate it but unable to. But there are plenty of suzani bedspreads available. Check out Google/images… :)

  16. Reply

    Calgary Painter

    4 January 2016

    Admiring the persistence you put into your
    blog and detailed information you offer. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same
    outdated rehashed information. Wonderful read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds
    to my Google account.

  17. Reply


    18 January 2016

    Does anyone know the artist or title of the painting of the men in the hat to the right of the fireplace? I love that painting.

    • Reply


      1 February 2016

      Hi Allois, I’m sorry this post is so late in coming, I have been utterly swamped with stuff. Now that the oldest girl is back in school, I feel able to get back to blogging!

      I found the painting!

      The Reverend Robert Walker Skating on Duddingston Loch, better known by its shorter title The Skating Minister, is an oil painting allegedly by Sir Henry Raeburn in the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh.

      • Reply


        1 February 2016

        Thank you very much for this information!!!!!

      • Reply

        Nicolee Anne Miller

        11 February 2016

        I love the show, but also enjoy imagining me living in such a space, in New York City. Do you ever think they would open the apartment, and house for public visit?

        • Reply


          15 February 2016

          Hi Nicolee, Thanks for visiting and commenting. I’m not sure if they will open up to the public as it is a private residence. While scenes that involved June’s (Neal’s landlady) house was shot on location, the entirety of Neal’s apartment was built on set. Have a watch of Willie Garson’s White Collar set tour on Youtube.

          Btw I’m preparing another White Collar post, a much more indepth one as I type and hope to release Part 1 this week. So check back soon! x

  18. Reply


    18 January 2016

    Does anyone know the artist or title of the painting of the men in the hat to the right of the fireplace?

  19. Reply


    18 January 2016

    Hi I was wondering if you know anything about the piece of art on the other side of the fireplace of the man lifting one leg. Looks like he is skating

    • Reply


      1 February 2016

      Hi Georgina, sorry for the late response. Have a look at my response to Allois’ question above. Hope that helps :)

  20. Reply


    2 February 2016

    I thought I posted a comment/request, but I can’t remember what I did yesterday. I apologize, but does anyone know the artist/painting shown behind Sara Ellis’ head in the first picture of Neal’s apartment? I have a screenshot of it, if there is a way to send or post it. It’s of a couple ships in harbor with a mountain range in the background.

    • Reply


      2 February 2016

      hmmm. I don’t see Sara Ellis in my posts, I think you mean the lady at the dining table with Mozzy and June?

      I don’t have a clear photo of it. Can you attach it here? Insert the below tag in your response without the spaces between the first and last bracket sign and attach the file… we can all see it then! :)

      < img src="filename.jpg" >

      • Reply


        3 February 2016

        Yes, that’s the one. I thought that was Sara.


        • Reply


          3 February 2016

          Can you post us a picture? You mentioned you had a screenshot… attach it with the < img src > tag I outlined in my reply to you earlier :) We’d love to go for a hunt for you, I’m sure!

          • Carl

            4 February 2016

            I can’t point to an image stored locally on my machine with HTML. The image is in the email reply. Can you use that?

          • dreyatbijoukaleidoscope

            4 February 2016

            Hi Carl, I didn’t get an email from you. Please send the image to paperbean at gmail dot com, please. Looking forward to doing an art hunt!

        • Reply


          6 February 2016

          Ok folks, this is what Carl has sent me:

          Thanks for going on this wild goose chase for me (us). I really hope you or one of your other readers knows something. It’s a great painting. This picture is from my cell phone camera of the scene as they panned by, so the quality isn’t the greatest. If you like, I can go back and figure out which episode I got it from.

          Thanks and good luck,
          p.s. Thanks for putting that page together, I love it.

  21. Reply


    16 February 2016

    Hi guys, I have spent more time writing about the items and sources in detail. Post series #1: The Entrance is up! :)

  22. Reply

    Ann Machiela

    11 October 2017


    Love this page about Neals apartment.
    I have one question, do you know something about the little red square lamp in picture 12, in the leftcorner in the lounge areau. really like that lamp.

    • Reply


      21 October 2017

      Hi Ann, see previous response to you :)


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