My work-in-progress master bedroom makeover

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Sep 21 2007
My master bedroom after makeover and cleanup

You’ll remember me posting Bedroom Moodboard #2, which is what I went with (mirrored furniture is very expensive in Australia).

The moodboard for my bedroom

The Husband has forbidden me to put up any before shots of our messy bedroom. So you’ll have to content with the after shot and a description of what it was before. Remember: VERY low budget.

All we had was a queen sized honey-coloured sleigh bed, a cheap rattan side table and an orange IKEA Sonne cabinet as bedside tables and piles of clothes here and there, as we lack the storage.

But my bedroom is to be a collection of warm honey, turquoise, white and black.

I finally finished those roadside finds. Really happy with it now.

We bought that mid-century chest of drawers about 3 months ago and am reasonably happy with it, although as you can see, the whole collection of furniture is decidedly a mish of styles… oh well. The original paintings above the bedsides are by talented artist Suzanne Clements who has an Etsy store.

This is what the bedroom looks like now:

My master bedroom after makeover and cleanup

My master bedroom after makeover and cleanup

It’s not my choice, that pink mink blanket. We borrowed it from the in laws ONLY for winter. I’d love to hang a ceiling to floor sheer linen straw-coloured drape behind the bed. I need something for the far wall which is looking really lonely! Am eyeing a lovely kimono print on eBay. Will update if I do decide to go ahead with that…

Any ideas? (We’re renting so paint is out.)

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