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Sep 27 2013

A silhouette of Hannah at age 3 @bijoukaleidoscope

I created a happy yellow silhouette of my daughter for my then-home office, back in 2008. Since posting it on my blog, I have had numerous requests for silhouettes.

Here are some samples:
A silhouette of a baby girl @bijoukaleidoscope
A silhouette of a little girl with a hummingbird @bijoukaleidoscope

I usually find that I need to go through a heap of your favourite photos because not everyone sees what I need to see to make a successful and recognisable silhouette of your loved one.

A silhouette of a baby with a book @bijoukaleidoscope
A silhouette of a couple on their wedding day @bijoukaleidoscope A silhouette of a couple's first dance @bijoukaleidoscope

Do you have a loved one or a pet or even a piece of furniture you’d loved immortalised in art?

A silhouette of little girl's awkward stance @bijoukaleidoscope
A silhouette of my daughter Hannah and her daddy @bijoukaleidoscope
A silhouette of my daughter Hannah and her aunts @bijoukaleidoscope

I can provide you a print, a poster or even a canvas! Canvases are instant art features and require no framing. Contact me for custom silhouettes, I’d be happy to create one of your loved ones.

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