My secret dream dinnerware

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Jan 12 2013
Bowls by Etsy: Tracy Sam

I have been looking for a formal, oh-la-la dinnerset for a while now.

I still love my white Johnson Bros dinner set, but I’ve been wanting something a little more… flash.

This plan has been bouncing around in my mind for months… I have yet to see something like this anywhere, online or otherwise.

The Plan:

Glass plates and bowls… made in very specific colours/feel:

… bear with me, please, as I give birth to creating the set visually!

Starting from the top…

Deep glass pink soup/breakfast bowl

Yellow glass bread and butter plate (round)

Square yellow glass plates

That simple. That brilliant yellow. But round.

Teal glass salad plate

Green glass dinner plate

Purple glass charger

If not a full dinner set for 8 settings, then maybe one nice setting for the table centrepiece?

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