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My sari laid out on my ottoman with Hannah

Style Court’s blogpost on the saree as a furnishing wow-factor has gotten me thinking about my saree. In Style Court’s post, she had an image of a turquoise sari on a Charleston four-poster-bed.

My sari laid out on my ottoman with Hannah

My sari laid out on my ottoman with Hannah being a busybody

I bought a sari from a high-end Indian boutique in Sydney 3 years ago for a fancy-dress Christmas do. I’ve always wanted a sari since young (living in M’sia, ya see them everywhere) and it was way past 25 when I finally got my own! I love love love it but it’s not the type you typically wear everyday (or even to church). It’s a wedding sari… meaning it’s heavily adorned and in rich tones of red.

I have been thinking now and then if I can display it somehow. To cut up the material for cushions and upholstery is a travesty for me… so Style Court mentions draping it across a bed, which is a very good idea. However, when you buy a proper sari, they come standard 6 metres long!! Plus this would be a BAD idea since bubs would tear it to pieces trying to get at the beading!

So what about draping it across the TOP of the four-poster-bed?

I saw a similar notion at Ikea a few weeks ago. Ikea draped a white fabric across the top of the Hemnes four-poster-bed and instantly transported the ‘room’ into a billowy, breezy retreat. Nice.

The yellow Ikea Hemnes bed

The yellow Ikea Hemnes bed

My dark coloured sari would create a different feel: an intimate private cocoon.

Note: Little background on saree colour choice which is VERY significant:

  • Reds: strength, happy days, weddings
  • Turquoise: low-caste
  • Green: minor colour for weddings, Islamic connotations
  • Yellow/orange: religious, sacred, holy
  • White: funerals (big no no for happy occasions), mourning, priests
  • Black: sorrow and ill omen

19 September 2007
20 September 2007


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    20 September 2007

    Hey would love to try your saree. you think will fit me? maybe i can buy it from you? addie


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