My pretty shoes

Inspired by Iffer’s Little Nest blogpost on Pretty Shoes, I was reminded of my two pairs, one mine and one for Little Miss Me-Too.

I can’t fit my pair (and bought it for $7 anyway) because I didn’t mean for them to be worn… but to be displayed in my “boudoir” :) It’s not expensive, it’s not over the top… it’s just beautiful to me.

My cute pink and red shoes

My cute pink and red shoes

And of course Hannah has to have her pair. It’s pretty… for formal events only. (Which is why it’s high up on her dresser… everything else gets shlumpped in the sandpit.

My Hannah's pink and white shoes

My Hannah’s pink and white shoes

Isn’t this gorgeous?

Gold and green shoes from Haberdashery Boutique via The Bridal Wishlist

Gold and green shoes from Haberdashery Boutique via The Bridal Wishlist



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    10 April 2009

    Really made me smile, Drey. Then again, your blog always does!

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    Helen Cox

    11 April 2009

    I looove that you just put these shoes on display, they look fabulous and it’s inspiring me to do something very similar for my dressing table!

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    12 April 2009

    thanks PInk :) So glad to see you back here!Helen: thanks.. I do love them. I wish I owned more feminine silky affairs like the last pic!


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