My perfect dining table

Hope you had a good weekend. We had a busy busy busy Saturday. Spent Sunday in much needed relaxation.

I wrote about how every piece in a tiny home needs to be oh-so-carefully thought out; doing double duty. Well, our “sofa” is actually our old porch seat. It was originally an ugly yellow-orange stain but my MIL painted it white 5 years ago and it’s been sitting on her porch for us. Now we’re back, so the seat is ours again, bar the original seat cushions. They are covered in a busy dated floral fabric and our space needs less busyness, not more. So we swapped them for our lounge seat cushions which fit perfectly!

Our porch seat repurposed as our one lounge seating.

Our porch seat repurposed as our one lounge seating.

Not sure about you, but I am not in support of having uncomfortable dinners on the floor. So despite our tiny 44sq.f home, I still want a semblance of a dining table.

Well, I had alloted a space behind said “lounge” for a “dining table”. I needed a table that would fit into a very specific space boundary: EXACTLY 40cm depth and no longer than 13.5cm length. Basically a hall table. It needed to fit neatly behind my lounge; any longer, our fridge wouldn’t open fully. Any wider: we wouldn’t have a practical walkway between dining table and kitchen counter, and kitchen counter doors wouldn’t open.

[In my previous home, we had a spacious dining room. With a huge dining table.

Our dining room table in our old home

Our dining room table in our old home

(Check out my favourite dining room spaces on the blog.)]

What were my chances?? I mean, I wanted it to be chic, wanted it a specific size and height with space underneath to store stools to sit on… It was a daily hunt for almost two months on eBay and weekly garage sales.

I had even consulted my builder brothers-in-law to see if they could build me one from scraps of wood. Would still cost a pretty penny, anywhere from $400-600! (So that option was out!)

But I have one now!!! 3 weeks ago at a garage sale, I felt God’s arms of love surround me as I stared stupidly at the perfect “dining table”! It was what I’d wanted, down to the style and size! Not believing my eyes. And only $45!

Our new "dining table"

Our new “dining table”

Freshly painted a bluish white, I stood there measuring it out… 40cm deep! 130cm length!

The drawers (which stick slightly) fits my cutlery drawer (until then, homeless) just perfectly. What are the chances???

Our cutlery drawer insert fits perfectly into the drawers!

Our cutlery drawer insert fits perfectly into the drawers!

See the bench??? I found it almost two weeks later under my MIL’s outdoor potting bench, unused and forgotten. Stools or benches needed to be the right size and height too! Long and short enough to fit under, needed not to be too tall that adult knees hit the table and needed not to be too low to be ridiculously all elbows on the table!

The bench I scored from MIL fit perfectly too!!

He does answer prayers.

Now I’m praying daily for a suitable wardrobe for the three of us at a steal of a price. At the moment we’re using a tiny antique wardrobe for the three of us with piles of clothes everywhere else… The modern hangers don’t even fit width-wise in this not-modern wardrobe!



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    30 March 2010

    It is good to see you are making the best out of your small space. :)

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    6 April 2010

    Hi Jessie,you know, what you said really encouraged me. It's not easy at times and I've tried real hard to make a home out of this tiny space :) Thanks again hon!Are you moving soon? Is your place already on the market? Any bites?Audrey


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