My Nicola at Kim’s!

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Feb 26 2009
My Shabner Nicola print at Kim's house, via Kim's Flickr

I wrote a couple of months ago about my Shabner’s Nicola being for sale. I love it… but gave it up to someone… not without regret… but it’s so great to see it in the home of someone so utterly deserving, and it looks soo damn good in her home.

Kim from Desire to Inspire was the lucky buyer and I’m so pleased. I’m also so jealous that it fits so much better in her home!!!!! Nicola never looked so good!

My Shabner Nicola print at Kim's house, via <a href="">Kim's Flickr</a>

My Shabner Nicola print at Kim’s house, via Kim’s Flickr

**For those of us in Victoria, Australia and are facing the threat of the bushfires, my prayers and thoughts are constantly with you. Hope none of you lose homes today in the threat of high temps and high winds. I too, will be watching my skies and fields around us!

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