My new wardrobe!

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Jun 28 2010
Gentleman's blue dressing room

A few weeks ago, it all came to a head. I was fed up. Could NOT take it any longer.


All emotional and fed-up, I forced-bundled husband, his sister and her husband into the car and we braved Ikea on the weekend (which is a stupid idea cos it’s soooo crowded but I’d had it). We had to get something better RIGHT THERE AND THEN. I was FED UP.

The Story

For almost six months the three of us (husband, 4 year old and myself) were forced to store towels, linen and clothes in a ridiculously inadequate 3-door-yet-small-and-short antique wardrobe.

The awful antique wardrobe to store two adults and 1 child.

The awful antique wardrobe to store two adults and 1 child.

This chunky piece takes up so much room and offers so very little in return. And remember…? Every piece in this 40.5m2 (440 sq.f) place has to count for double-time.

Now I’m a sensible girl.

The Dream

I’d love to have shelves and shelves for my shoe collection, like Paula Abdul:

Paula Abdul's shoe closet

Paula Abdul’s shoe closet

(but I don’t have shelves and shelves and I don’t collect shoes.)

Would sure be fabulous to have Carrie’s old walk in robe:

Sex and the City's Carrie's old walk-in closet

Sex and the City’s Carrie’s old walk-in closet

But again, no space. I love walk in robes though. Or walk through robes. It’s a must have.

What about devoting an entire room to dressing and putting the daily face on?

via  Elle Decor

via Elle Decor

A ottoman, a table, a mirror, shelves, large windows… how divine!

What about devoting a space just for my husband’s gear?

Gentleman's blue dressing room

Gentleman’s blue dressing room

Maybe one day!

What about an entire room dedicated to my collection of sunglasses?

Elton John's sunglasses closet

Elton John’s sunglasses closet

I’d love to have an Ikea solution just for my clothes

IKEA's walk-in closet solution

IKEA’s walk-in closet solution

But I need to share (for now!) with husband and Hannah.

What about to-die-for wallpaper lining this luxury-space?

wallpapered dressing room, via Domino Mag

via Domino Mag

Wardrobe Organisation Ideas

I did find a treasure trove in Martha Stewart (any surprise!?):

Men's accessories organiser, via Martha Stewart

Men’s accessories organiser, via Martha Stewart

Women's accessories organiser, via Martha Stewart

Women’s accessories organiser, via Martha Stewart

Colour coded, off course!

I found these boot hangers très chic (although I only have one pair of boots!). When we move to our own home, I’m going to get these!!! (And more boots!)

Boots organiser, via Martha Stewart

Boots organiser, via Martha Stewart

Shelf brackets as clothing divider, via Martha Stewart

Shelf brackets as clothing divider, via Martha Stewart

What a great idea! Attaching wooden dividers to the shelves to avoid messy shelves (which is very very very prone in this family.)

Here’s a handy guide for which clothes to hang and which ones to fold… I am going to the cheapie-store to get some padded hangers!

Perfectly folded sweater and tops! via Martha Stewart

Perfectly folded sweater and tops! via Martha Stewart

Wardrobe Organisation Tip

I love this wardrobe organisation from Queen Martha Stewart:

  • 1. Start with a clean-out
  • 2. Keep only what belongs (no suitcases, vacuum cleaners and sports equipment). If possible, store coats in a hall closet or on hooks in the mudroom or entryway.
  • Colour coded (of course) coats, bags and shoes organisation, via Martha Stewart

    Colour coded (of course) coats, bags and shoes organisation, via Martha Stewart

  • 3. Figure out the best configuration for your needs, judging from how many pieces of jackets/tops/pants/dresses you have.
  • 4. Be flexible: Keep in mind that your wardrobe will change with the seasons and over time.

The best tips from Martha Stewart’s Tips for Organizing Your Closets

  • 1. Divide the closet into zones, and use three short rods rather than a single long one. Hang dresses, robes, and coats from one high rod; hang blouses and short items from another high rod, and skirts and folded slacks from a low rod below.
  • 2. Group clothes by colour.
  • 3. Make sure shelves are adjustable, (thanks, Ikea!).
  • 4. Clean garments before storing them for the season. Sugar stains (such as wine) can set and spread over time.
  • 5. Remove dry-cleaning bags, which trap moisture; use fabric bags instead.
  • 6. Don’t store wool or silk in airtight containers (they need to breathe).
  • 7. Never let mothballs touch clothing; hang them in old socks or hosiery. If you suspect moth infestation, dry-clean clothes, and wash closet with mild soap and water.

I normally like to hang everything but these sweater boxes are very very very chic! (And neat). Maybe for the permanent-home solution.

Meanwhile, Martha Stewart recommends using the drycleaner’s method: Fold sweater shoulder to shoulder and then drape over the bar of a sturdy wooden hanger.

Maybe I’ll ditch all the non-pink items in our wardrobe:

Pink closets, pink clothing and pink accessories

Closet for one lucky lady!

Jump over to Willowbook Park on how to create the perfect gentleman’s wardrobe. It’s such an entertaining and enlightening read!

I wonder if that means on the other side of the bedroom above is the ladies’ side.

Our Solution

I really wanted the Pax with all the trimmings… but since this small space will only contain our sanity for at MOST a year more, we decided to save the big spend for a more permanent home. We settled for the Elga.

I so wanted the Pax wardrobe accessories. I even asked my super-handy brother in law if he could amend it to fit the Elga, but it was a no-go (Ikea purposely designs it so that the Pax accessories will only fit the Pax. Not the Elga).

But I might be able to get a large but shallow box, hang some gliders and fit them with acrylic or coloured boxes to fit… for my belts, husband’s ties, scarves etc etc.

The Pax wardrobe in our small bedroom in the tiny studio

The Pax wardrobe in our small bedroom in the tiny studio

Doors? Maybe… maybe not. For now I’m so enjoying having space for all our clothes. I’m so enjoying not missing the highly impractical previous wardrobe.

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