My new Tacklehug® doll

Milly, my new Tacklehug®

Milly, my new Tacklehug®

My husband runs the coffee cart at the local farmers market held here once a month and because I’m the official baby sitter, I get to spend hours there. I do my rounds around the market and believe me it’s hard to keep my pennies in my pocket.

But this time I got to spend AUD$35 on Milly.

Milly’s my new Tacklehug® doll. I don’t normally like dolls. I find them creepy, particularly the real-looking-dolls. But this doll was charming, un-scary-whatsoever (and that’s saying a lot!) and utterly enchanting.

Meet Milly:

Milly, my new Tacklehug®, on queen bed

Milly, my new Tacklehug®, on queen bed

Let’s be clear. Milly’s not for play. It’s for me. To grace my bed.

I did a Google search for Tacklehug® and I found her blog!!

So now I can happily share with you her ETSY SHOP!!! No tacklehug dolls yet but I can start pestering her!

Meet Milayna and Sydney:

Milayna's doll, by Tacklehug®

Milayna’s doll, by Tacklehug®

Esp since my daughter loves my Milly, I might have to buy her one of her own! At only $35, it’s a great Christmas present for your loved ones! Contact Tacklehug® via her Etsy store… I know she doesn’t have her dolls on her Etsy store, but trust me, I met three or four of her other creations!

18 November 2010


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    23 November 2010

    Thanks Audrey for being so kind. It was certainly lovely to meet you at the markets, and your comments have made me feel like it was worth the effort (crazy thing to do when you're about to move interstate!) You made me laugh and I am glad Milly doesn't scare you at all. I will definitely follow your blog and I promise to update my etsy shop as soon as I settle in Adelaide. Take care.


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