My new ‘Fringe USA’-esque vase

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Aug 31 2011

I finally caved and bought myself a $12 bunch of cherry blossoms branches at the local grocers here in the Blue Mountains.

These blooms somehow last longer than most other branches and I am so happy with them.

Stupid silly me, I sold my one large pastelly pink vase at the recent garage sale so I had to go get myself another large vase. I got one for $5 at the local St Vinnies store which did the job but looked completely ICKY.

But today I had to pick up a wigwam for my daughter from Bed, Bath and Table here and found they had 15% off storewide! So I happily paid less for my wigwam than RRP and picked myself an early birthday present, a glass Fringe USA-esque vase.

These are my favourite Fringe USA vases.

These are my favourite Fringe USA vases.

I first fell in love with them via Ruby and Rose Interiors‘ online store a year ago, but due to their prices I couldn’t afford them (not to mention shipping for such a heavy item!). The beautiful pieces of glassware are fired at 180˚C with a thin layer of lacquer applied over the decals to protect them.

This is my new vase, the Walnut Bird.

My new Walnut Bird

My new Walnut Bird

And this is it in-situ:

My new Walnut Bird glass vase

My new Walnut Bird glass vase


Place a rubber band around your vase to prevent ants from getting there.

Makes me so happy and it invites Spring 2011 in! :)

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