My new {Family} Poster

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Dec 27 2008
{Family} poster

No one in my family (not even 2 year old Hannah) or circle of friends like Nicola. The only person that loves it is myself! The frame needs replacing, sure but Nicola herself is in great condition! There’s just something about her gentleness, her poise…

Anyway. Fact is fact: No one likes Nicola.

So under not-so-subtle hints from husband and 2 year old Hannah, the in laws, the rellies, the friends, I got it replaced. (Plus I have to admit, it does seem odd her hanging there solo above the fireplace when she’s not our ancestor or friend or my portrait :P)

Now that space is replaced with my newest poster:


My newest poster, {Family} by paperbean design

My newest poster, {Family} by paperbean design

I love it, although I wish it were larger but I couldn’t afford the print price plus framing in view of recent more urgent needs. One day!

I’d love to do one for you in your own custom colour and size choices! Contact me via my paperbean design website :) (link above on left)

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